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How it Works

If you are not sure where to start, follow these steps for your treatment abroad with us.

  • 01

    Finding The Best Treatment

    Our network of clinics spans a large range of medical needs. To start, you can filter the services provided using the search bar on our homepage. You can compare clinics by the services they offer, see their reviews, and learn more about them through their profiles. All medical providers we list must comply with our strict quality assurance criteria.

  • 02

    Making an Appointment

    Once you choose a clinic, you can book an appointment using the form on the clinic’s profile. You will need to create a free account for this, but that will only take a minute. If you have any problems with choosing a clinic, creating an account, or making an appointment, you can contact us for guidance.

  • 03

    Review Process

    After you submit your appointment request, medical providers will evaluate your application and contact you as soon as possible. You will then be guided by the provider to book the offered treatment plan and proceed to travel and accommodation.

  • 04

    Booking Accommodation and Flights

    Once you have booked a treatment, you must check if your plan also includes accommodation and flights. Many of the medical providers also include accommodation, flight tickets, and airport pickup services. If your treatment plan does not include an accommodation or flight ticket, you can book them taking into account the treatment date and location provided by the medical provider.

  • 05

    Visa Application

    • Depending on your citizenship and destination, you may not need a visa for your trip. If you happen to need to apply for a visa for your travel, you may contact your destination country’s embassy or submit a free-of-charge query to us via email for Visa Application Guidance. Visit our Contact Us page for our contact information.

  • 06

    Travel to Destination

    After confirming the reservation date and time for your treatment, booking a flight, arranging accommodation, and collecting all necessary documents, you are ready to travel. You should bring all of your essential documents to the treatment center, such as your passport, related previous medical records, and other items which may be relevant for your treatment.

  • 07

    Airport Transfers

    If your treatment plan includes airport pick-up service, you will be welcomed at the airport. Your clinic will make sure you arrive at your destination safely. Airport pick-up staff will already be informed of your accommodation address and hospital/clinic address. Intclinics Help Center is online 24/7 if you have any difficulties during your journey.

  • 08

    Treatment at the Clinic

    We are committed to ensuring that our patients receive the best medical care and support so that they feel happy and safe with medical travel. We will be tracking the progress of your treatment and be available for your questions during and after your treatment.

  • 09

    After the Treatment

    After your treatment at the clinic, depending on the treatment duration and return ticket, you will be guided back to the airport, and your medical travel will be completed. Your case manager at Intclinics will track the progress and be available for your questions. We may ask for your feedback once the progress is complete.

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