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Facelift in Turkey: Through Process, Best Clinics & Surgeons, Cost, & Reviews 2024

Skin sagging is a common problem that people around the world experienced with time. It commonly happens among men and women at any age depending upon their routine activities, sun exposure, and many others. To overcome this condition, a facelift is a globally recognized cosmetic procedure that makes individual facial skin attractive and youthful. It works for all kinds of skin damage factors like a polluted environment, stress, sun exposure, aging, and limited time for rest. Turkish cosmetic hospitals extensively work to revitalize old-looking faces and transform them into younger looks.

Facelift in Turkey is equipped with advanced cutting-edge technologies, well-trained professionals, and personalized care practices that assist patients with a great look and feel better. It makes patients' skin smoother, tighter, and younger which helps them boost their self-esteem and self-confidence. This article elaborates on interesting facts about facelifts in Turkey. It includes information about world-class surgeons, the best clinics, all-inclusive care packages, and patient reviews for reliable cosmetic procedures in Turkey.

Basic Overview of the Procedure of Facelift in Turkey:

Skin sagging is a natural process that occurs due to the impact of gravity on the human body. Both men and women prefer facelifts in Turkey for having elastic skin, overcoming deep wrinkles on the face, tightening the loosed skin, and repositioning to get rid of the staffing tissues. Before going for a facelift procedure, surgeons biologically examine the sagging areas to identify areas that need to be tightened for a younger look.

It proceeded under general anesthesia through the incision process. In the second step, excess skin is removed, and the remaining tissues are repositioned to deliver a younger look to the patients. The process ends with aesthetic stitches and the closure of incisions. Surgeons may also recommend one-day accommodation in the hospital and personalized care in a hotel with proper follow-ups. Patients do not feel any discomfort or painful sensation because of general anesthesia effects.

Type of Facelift Surgeries in Turkey:

Facelift Surgery in Turkey is further divided into three categories. These are Mini Facelift, Mid Facelift, and Full Facelift depending upon the wrinkle areas and sagging size of skin.

Mini facelift surgery is more invasive and preferred under sedation. It delivered quick recovery opportunities because of smaller area applications.

Mid Face Surgery deals with the middle part of the face and corrects all those wrinkles present there. Under this procedure, the patient could overcome the sagging skin on eye areas, forehead, and mouth corners. It enables patient cheekbones more prominent, correct lines on the nose, and eliminates sagging skin under-eye bags. Patients can have a more youthful and natural look after undergoing mini facelift surgery in Turkey.

Finally, full facelift surgery in Turkey is an inclusive and comprehensive plan for getting rid of unwanted wrinkles and sagging skin. Most often, this procedure is suggested for deep wrinkle areas to treat the underlying skin muscles and tissues. All three major facelift surgeries in Turkey are carried out with different techniques like ponytail facelift or vertical facelift and endoscopic facelift.

Vertical Facelift Technique in Turkey:

Individuals having mild aging size prefer vertical facelifts to achieve a youthful appearance. This procedure allows the pulling of the face slightly upward through invasive methods and getting rid of the wrinkles. It is a widely admired procedure for preventing the appearance of unwanted sagging that allows smoother skin for the patient.

Endoscopic Facelift Technique:

Endoscopic facelift techniques in Turkey work for aging as well as genetic factors for sagging skin. In this procedure, surgeons make small incisions into subcutaneous tissues of the patient's body and achieve a youthful appearance through a device named endoscope. Both mid and full-facelift operations are based on the endoscopic facelift technique.


Cost and Reviews for Facelift in Turkey:

All of the above-experienced surgeons and top-rated clinics offer a user-friendly treatment plan and inclusive care. The overall cost of facelift surgery varies from surgeon to surgeon, cosmetic care plan, and preferred package by the patient. The average cost of this procedure ranges from $1626 to 5800$.

All the above surgeons and clinics have set remarkable reputations among national and international facelift visitors. These have about 86% patient recommendation rate with the best price range of $4284. In this package, the patient can achieve 3 days of accommodation in the country, general anesthesia, 8 hours of surgical procedure, one night of hospitalization, and personalized care with experienced paramedical staff.