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Best Plastic Surgery Clinics and Surgeons in Turkey


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Plastic Surgery in Turkey: Transforming Dreams into Reality

Turkey has become a remarkable land in the field of medical science. It globally attracts patients looking for affordable surgical treatments, especially plastic surgery. Its highly qualified surgeons and modern facilities hospitals offer excellent care to patients of all ages and contribute to their natural beauty. Plastic surgery in Turkey is also famous for the name cosmetic surgery which boosts patient confidence and enhances their transformative experience.

Plastic Surgery and Its Popularity Around the World

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, cosmetic surgical procedures increased by 11.2% globally in the past few years. The report shows that about 18.8 million non-surgical and 14.9 million surgical procedures were performed worldwide during 2022. All these explained that plastic surgery has gained a significant rise in the past four years. In the global index, Turkey has gained a significant rise for its enthusiasts’ surgical procedures, top-notch medical centers, and advanced options that contribute to enhancing the natural beauty of patients. According to a report, about 950,000 surgical procedures in Turkey were completed during 2020 which is relatively high among other international surgical lands.

Let’s explore the best available options for surgical procedures in Turkey. Turkish plastic surgeons ranked high among global experts and successfully performed millions of treatments with a high success rate. The major two options for surgical treatments in Turkey include "face cosmetic surgery" and "body cosmetic surgery" which are further categorized into multiple options depending upon the needs of patients. Turkish surgeons are renowned for their professionalism, affordable prices, and precision of their cosmetic procedures.

Face Cosmetic Surgery and Its Other Options

In facial cosmetic surgery, Turkish surgeons offer Rhinoplasty, Chin Implant, Facelift, Blepharoplasty, and otoplasty surgeries mixed with excellent healthcare plans and affordable prices. All these surgeries deal with different facial parts rhinoplasty assists the patients in changing their nose shape and chin implant deals with developing a defined chin that fits with the unique personality of patients. Similarly, facelift surgery offers a youthful appearance to the patient and blepharoplasty is effective for losing extra fats, tightening supportive muscles, and extra skin from the upper eyelids. Patients can also reposition or reshape their ears by having otoplasty surgical treatment in Turkey.

Body Cosmetic Surgery and its related options

Along with extraordinary face cosmetic options, surgical clinics in Turkey offer top-notch body cosmetic procedures with cutting-edge technologies, low-cost treatments, and skilled surgeons. In body cosmetic surgery patient can receive liposuction, breast surgery, tummy tuck, and breast reduction or enlargement procedures to enhance their appearance and natural look. Body surgery in Turkey can be perfect for a patient's Mommy makeover journey and offer a renewal experience to the patients. Patients may feel like an exotic vacation because of Tummy tuck surgery. Turkey also fulfills the rising demand for breast surgery for women. It has integrated breast surgery into breast lift, breast reduction, and breast enlargement options that may enhance the physical outlook of women.

How Much Turkish Surgeons Cost for Facial and Body Surgeries?

Turkey wins pricing competition by offering affordable facial and body treatments as compared to the Western world.  For example, if you are looking for cheaper rhinoplasty, you must avail Turkish surgery plan within the $3500 to $5500 range which is highly affordable as compared to Europe, the US, and the UK. Surgeons may perform small cuts outside or inside the nostrils to make this procedure successful. HayatMed Clinic in Istanbul offers high-quality and cost-effective treatment for Rhinoplasty surgery. Similarly, other facial surgical options in Turkey are also cheaper and more cost-effective as compared to the Western world.In body cosmetic surgeries like Liposuction, patients may pay 4,850 Euros to 5,000 Euros which might be 3,519 Euros for each treated area in the UK or US. 

Prices for body cosmetic surgery in Turkey may vary from location to location or complexity of the surgery, or the size of areas treated. Still, it is more competitive and affordable than cutting-edge solutions in the Western world. Similarly, top-notch surgical clinics that offer a variety of breast surgeries may cost $2,500 to $5,000 and are extremely affordable for patients around the world. Low-priced surgical treatment in Turkey never means that Turkish surgeons compromise on the quality of treatment.

Inclusive Packages and Guide for best Facial or Body Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey

To have the best surgical treatment in Turkey, the patient must adhere to the following guideline. First and foremost, figure out the areas you are looking for surgical treatment and choose the treatment package that best suits your condition. Book an appointment with the best surgeon and thoroughly discuss the situation with him for successful treatment. Compare the top-rated services, and prices, and select that suits your financial condition. Ask for all-inclusive packages if you are looking for more than one body or facial surgery. Inclusive packages may include your accommodation, transportation, and even tourism support to explore the wonders of Turkey. Followed the prescribed treatment plan and made no compromise on care

Reviews on Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey

Many clinics, hospitals, and beauty centers are specialized in plastic surgery treatment in Turkey. Considering the referrals, doctor advice, and personal experience of individuals, patients must search clinic names, and read online reviews, and feedback before choosing the surgical treatment in Turkey. Different cosmetic/plastic surgery websites in Turkey may explain detailed procedures, inclusive cost packages, and details of plastic surgeries you have gotten in Turkey. The selection of a Turkish surgical plan with proper research may result in positive plastic surgery outcomes in Turkey.

Choose Plastic Surgery Clinics in Turkey and Expect the Following

Taking out time to want to know more about plastic and cosmetic surgery in Turkey clearly shows that you are out to get the best. The following are some of the things you should expect from any cosmetic surgery clinic in Turkey that you choose;

Ø  Plastic surgeons in Turkey provide a personalized treatment plan based on the specific requirements of the patient and impeccable care during and after plastic surgery.

Ø  The clinics in Turkey are fully accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), a world health care accreditation organization with a top ranking. The high number of accreditation in Turkey clearly shows that the facilities and cosmetic surgery clinics in Turkey have world-class standards

Ø  The cosmetic surgeons in Turkey are very conversant with the use of the latest technology for cosmetic surgery and treatment. With this level of expertise in place, you can expect less risk of complications, scarring, and a faster recovery after surgery.

Ø  Plastic surgery clinics provide comprehensive and quality post-operative care after the surgery and patiently walk you through the recovery process.

Ø  For international patients seeking plastic surgery in Turkey, the clinics usually make arrangements for airport pick-up and drop-off and make provisions for accommodation before you arrive. With this, you won't have to worry about anything. All you have to do is stay focused on achieving your goals.

Ø  Lastly, getting quality treatment here is cheap compared to what you might get in your home country. Also visiting Turkey allows you to explore a new area and see its appealing beauty.


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