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Breast Lift in Turkey: A Roadmap to Elevate Your Beauty 

Motherhood experience is an extremely body transformation journey for women because of changes in their physique and weight. After pregnancy, women have to feed their kids which may cause a loss of the volume of their breasts. Breastfeeding may cause sagging breasts, falling breast below the sub-mammary fold, or breast ptosis that negatively impacts the self-esteem and confidence of many women. To overcome this problem, modern surgical procedures named breast lift surgery or mastopexy are emerged that ensure ease for women's problems.

Specifically, this article deals with breast lifts in Turkey by including state-of-the-art facilities, skilled surgeon information, affordability range, and other necessary details that could assist the patient with their beauty elevation needs. This comprehensive guide can effectively contribute to your change in breast volume and shape problems and contribute to elevating your confidence and self-esteem.

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

 It is a modern cosmetic surgical process in which breast sizes are firmed or lifted to restore a youthful appearance for women. Breast lift surgery ensures more fuller breasts like pre-pregnancy. Usually, this surgical procedure is performed for breastfeeding women who lost their breast shape and appearance.

In medical terms, losing breast skin also known as breast ptosis is sagging of the mammary glands. It occurs when the nipples and areola of breastfeeding women are below the level of sub mammary fold. Normally, it has four stages. In stage 1, the areola reaches above the inframammary fold and the breast begins to fall. In the second stage, the nipple reaches sub mammary fold level of slightly below. At this stage, the areola looks moderately downward. At stages 3 and 4, the breast fold lies below the areola and looks downward.

Is it an age-specific problem?

Breast ptosis can happen at any age, which means drooping breasts or losing breast volume can be congenital. It may start in adolescence age because breast appearance is always in dropping form. Breastfeeding and pregnancy are foremost reasons for sagging breasts and changes in their apparent volume. It is a natural process because during breastfeeding milk ducts are developed that atrophy after breastfeeding and the breast returns to its normal size. During this changing process, the breast may lose skin elasticity and lead to breast ptosis development.

An Overview of the Basic Principle of Breast Lifting:

Breast lifting in Turkey is associated with restoring the pre-birth or pre-pregnancy shape of the breast by lifting breast tissues. This surgical process allows women to get rid of the excess skin on their breasts, lifting its apparent level, and reworking the shapes. It also includes the correcting of breast asymmetry by any plastic reconstructive, breast augmentation, and breast reduction process.

The process of breast lift surgery begins with the consent of the patient. Surgeons can determine the degree of ptosis, breast volume, shape, and skin quality before performing the surgical procedure. Initially, biological examination of breast skin is performed by anaesthesiologist consultation or blood test. It may include a radiological examination of breast shape and size to predict the kind of surgical procedure suited for improving the patient's skin. After surgical procedures, experts may recommend smoking cessation to promote effective and quick healing.

Detailed Procedure of Breast Lift in Turkey:

            Breast lift in Turkey is generally performed under general anesthesia. A complete surgical procedure may require a 1.5 to 2-hour process. The operation time may vary from size to size or procedure the patient looking for. If the breast volume is deemed insufficient, then breast lift may combine with another surgical process like breast augmentation to transfer the fats and ensure lipofilling. On the other hand, if breast volume is too large, then the first breast reduction process is carried out before breast lifting.

It is interesting to note that breast lifting is an immediate process and the patient may observe the required results within a few weeks of the surgical process. A bruising to subside and the swelling of the breast may be observed within weeks of breast lift surgery in Turkey.

Considering the complexity or type of procedure, the surgeon may also recommend post-surgery care. As the breast lift process is performed on sensitive areas, immediate moderate pain may be experienced by the patients. Surgeons may suggest specific painkillers to alleviate the pain risk. A support bra is strictly worn for at least 1 month of surgery. Moreover, patients may also restrict themselves from any physical activity like swimming for two months of surgery.


Cost-friendly Treatment of Breast Lift as Compared to Western World:

Turkey remarked on its worldwide name as a hub for medical tourism. Mastopexy or breast lift in Turkey may cost an average of 2700 euros to 3500 Euros which is many times cost effective for patients. Patients can enjoy four- or five-star accommodation, preoperative consultation, overnight hospitalization, anesthesia, and assistance at each stage of surgery within that cost. A short comparison of breast lift surgery in Turkey as compared to different countries is listed below

Premium Breast Lift Surgery

US Average Prices in Euros

Netherlands Average Prices in Euros

UK Average Prices in Euros

Turkish Average Prices in Euros


5000 to 7000





Thus, breast lifts in Turkey could be a cost-friendly option for national as well as international patients. Inclusive packages of breast surgery offer additional benefits for international clients because they can receive accommodation, travel, and complete consultation within the above-listed average package.