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Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey: A comprehensive guide to transforming your life 2024

Obesity has become a leading health problem that negatively influences the self-esteem and self-confidence of individuals. Along with poor self-esteem and confidence, obesity is related to many other serious health problems like high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many others. Thus, everyone dreams of having a perfect lifestyle, and weight loss surgery emerges with fulfilling individual dreams and leading to disease controlled life.

Weight loss surgery in Turkey also known as gastric sleeve surgery or bariatric surgery aims to deal with obesity-related problems. It is associated with a complete change in dietary habits, lifestyle, and exercise routine to gain reliable and long-lasting results for obesity. This guide is designed for those who encountered obesity problems in their life and looking for surgical alternatives to achieve long-lasting results. It includes individuals with obesity who could be in the right hands and achieve trusted gastric surgery in Turkey.

Understanding Weight Loss Surgery:

It is a globally admired surgical procedure that involves the reduction of stomach size to attain a physically attractive physique. Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey reduces the production of appetite-stimulating hormones named ghrelin and restricts individual food intake. As a result, individual’s ability to absorb calories is significantly reduced and they attain an attractive look in their bodies.

Weight loss surgery in Turkey is further categorized into two main types. Surgical weight loss procedures that include gastric band, gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass. During gastric sleeve procedure, about 75-80% of the stomach is removed to ensure less appetitive habits of the patient. Ghrelin is removed from the patient body and the stomach becomes like a sleeve.

On the other hand, gastric bypass surgery is associated with changing the way of small intestine and stomach absorption levels. Patients having a BMI over 45 undergo gastric bypass and achieve effective weight loss.  Finally, gastric band surgery involves placing an adjustable silicone band around the upper part of the stomach. The patient having a BMI of 35 or above could receive gastric band surgery in Turkey.

The second procedure for achieving weight loss in Turkey is non-surgical. It involves the stomach Botox process and gastric balloon process. Stomach burton is the least painful process and does not require long hospitalization. Similarly, the gastric balloon process is effective for patients with 25% BMI and who struggle with their diet plan.

Benefits of Having Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey:

Both surgical and non-surgical procedures are effective for achieving drastic weight loss within 12 months of the procedure. In these procedures, patients loss their ability to hold much food by limiting the ability of the stomach. As patients achieve weight loss, they significantly lower the problems related to high cholesterol, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It helps the patient with improving their physical and mental health, reduce joint pain, and improve sleep apnea.

Problems Associated with Weight Loss Surgery:

Some weight loss procedures are irreversible. During surgical procedures, the patient might report leakage and develop complications. Some procedures are also associated with dumping syndrome, vomiting, nausea, and cramps. Patients may also report nutrient and vitamin deficiency after having the surgery in Turkey.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Weight Loss Surgery:

Like other surgical processes, weight loss surgery in Turkey also begins with the application of general anesthesia that ensures pre-operation sleep and lowers the pain sensation. The second step is making small incisions in the abdomen. After incisions, a laparoscope is inserted into the stomach to have a clear view of the stomach condition. After a thorough examination, stomach areas with excess appetite production hormones are removed. The remaining portion of the abdomen is sealed with staples and sleeves are developed before closing the incisions.

Turkey as World-Class Destination for Weight Loss Surgery:

            Turkish medical industry has set its global mark because of its research, excellence, and advanced techniques. Patients can receive the best care for their weight loss needs because of experienced staff and cutting-edge technologies. Turkish surgical industry meets international benchmarks because of medical teams, skilled surgeons, and cost-effective plans.

The success of all types of surgical and non-surgical procedures for weight loss is dependent on the expertise of medical teams and surgeons’ skills. Hundreds of bariatric surgeons serve in world-class clinics in Turkey. Many of them practice abroad and lease their clinics with international standard equipment. Turkey has become a highly competent region because of skilled nutritionists, anaesthesiologists, and nurses.

Moreover, Turkish surgeons offer low-cost weight loss surgeries as compared to the US and UK states. Its cost ranges from $3000 to $6500 along with aftercare facilities, hospital choice, hotel accommodation, and traveling. On the other hand, the same surgical procedures in the UK and the US may charge 8000 to 15000 pounds and $15000 to $25000 respectively. The most important thing about Turkish medical care is non-compromising behavior for patient personalized care. The government of the country highly supports medical tourism and sets low operational costs that attract thousands of patients all around the world.

Patient’s preparation for Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey:

Patients and surgeons need to be careful from the initial consultation for the surgery to the final recovery of the patient. Especially international patients need to book an online consultation to discuss their medication condition, learn about the surgeries, and plan for which kind of surgery they need. Open communication with surgeons could be key to achieving reliable and fast results for weight loss Surgery.

Any previous attempt at weight loss is prioritized and discussed with the surgeon so they can suggest what kind of surgical or non-surgical procedure could be effective for them. Initial evaluation and detailed discussion of the patient's condition could be key for successful and long-lasting outcomes for the patient.


In conclusion, your journey to weight loss surgery in Turkey could be impressive and deliver the desired result if you have all of the above information and carefully plan for the required surgical treatment. Your stay in Turkey, hospitalization, and traveling could be an effective transformation and enable you to get rid of obesity-related diseases.