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Beard Transplant in Turkey: An Overview, Best Surgeons, and Reviews in 2024

The beard is one of the most important features of men that enhance their grace, attraction, and beauty. For many, the beard is a sign of trendy male attributes, and virility, and feel proud of it. Almost all men wish to have a beautiful beard for cultural as well as aesthetic reasons. However, the dream of a beautiful beard may not be true for everyone. Some people face challenges with having a beautiful beard might be because of genetic factors or uneven beard growth that might cause discomfort for men.

To overcome the problem of uneven beards, medical scientists have developed a cosmetic procedure named beard transplant that ensures natural beard growth for men.  In the past few decades, the emergence of social media and bushy men pictures with their natural beards has become the definition of a pleasant look and masculinity. Even male celebrities, athletes, actors, and authorized persons care to maintain masculinity definition with their personality. This article delves insight into beard Transplant in Turkey and enables the readers to wisely choose their destination for successful beard transplantation.

Beard Hair Transplant:

It is one of the modern cosmetic processes in which surgeons transfer healthy hair follicles to suitable body parts to increase the density of beard hairs. Such hair graft ensures dense and stylish facial hair that increases the masculine appearance of men. The transplantation process is completed in four steps.

Initially, painless local anesthesia is applied to the patient's body to reduce painful sensations. In the second step, hair graft is extracted from a region where hairs are greater in number. It might be the facial region, head, back head, or other body parts having a fine collection of hairs. After completing the grafting process, hair is implanted in the facial parts where beard hairs are small in number. The final step is the recovery period in which proper growth of implanted hairs proceeds.

Best Techniques for Beard Hair Transplantation:

Beard hair transplantation in Turkey proceeds with many modern techniques like FUE beard hair and ice-frozen FUE hair transplantation are the two most popular and highly recommended techniques with effective results. In FUE beard hair transplant, individual hair follicles are extracted and implanted to the required region of the face to have natural growth of the hairs. This procedure proceeds without disrupting the natural appearance/form of hair. Turkish surgeons consider this procedure as a highly sophisticated, quick, and effective process to deliver quick recovery for patients.

On the other hand, Ice frozen hair transplant offers a permanent solution for beard hair problems. In this process, hair grafts are preserved in a cool environment that improves the viability of grafts. It is also a highly trusted and recommended procedure by surgeons all around the world because of the high success rate in hair transplantation.

Individuals Eligible for Beard Transplantation:

All men who are worried about a thin beard, lost hair, or never had a beard can undergo this procedure to achieve satisfactory results. Individuals who lost beard hair growth due to any accident or injury may also undergo beard growth. Both FUE and Ice Frozen transplantation techniques are useful to cover burns and scars.

The normal recommended age for beard hair transplantation in Turkey is 22. Initially, surgeons perform a thorough biological assessment of the patient to recommend the type of transplantation. Patients with heart disease, diabetes, or hormonal disorders could also achieve beard hair transplantation. Moreover, patients should have healthy hair follicles in donor areas to have successful beard hair transplantation.

Cost of Beard Transplantation in Turkey:

Medical tourism in Turkey is greatly popular all around the world. The primary reason for this growth is governmental support, low taxes in implanting equipment, and other support. Beard transplant in Turkey is a low-cost procedure in the country as compared to Western and European countries. On average, beard transplantation cost in Turkey ranges from $2000 to $2500 which is many times lower than Western and European surgeries.

The cost of beard hair transplant in Turkey may vary from procedure to procedure, clinic quality, surgeon expertise, desired patient hair density and used equipment. Ice-frozen hair transplant may charge a maximum of $2500 for a successful procedure in the country.

Hundreds of experts and clinics exist in different regions of Turkey where the latest practices are made to deliver patient's satisfactory results. This comprehensive guide includes a very few more reputed plastic and cosmetic surgeons from Turkey to meet the effective beard hair transplantation needs of men. Patients can also set up an online consultation with any of these experts to have in-depth information about the procedure and achieve satisfactory results.