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Dental Implant in Turkey: Full month Package, Complete Guide (2024)

Turkey has exceptional landmarks in medical advancement especially in the dental industry. It has become a global hub for various dental treatments like teeth whitening, dental implants, Hollywood smiles, veneers, and many others. Many dental clinics in Turkey offer personalized dental packages, full-month dental plans, and many other inclusive packages that make the country a hub for dental tourism. Many people all around the world are worried about their missing teeth and consider it as a source of their low confidence.

By considering this leading problem, this article sheds light on the most common dental implant in Turkey. It focuses on a full-month package offered by multiple Turkish clinics, a complete appointment guide for patients, and satisfactory responses to dental implants. Whenever patient looks for long-term treatment plans they are often worried about their accommodation, traveling expenses, and treatment costs. This article answers all of the patient's concerns and enables them to have an aesthetic smile.

What Exactly are Dental Implants?

In this treatment, small titanium screws are placed within the patient jawbones that make a solid foundation for natural teeth. It provides long-lasting solutions to patient needs. Dental implant in Turkey provides multiple functional advantages to the patient's needs and are also known as aesthetic treatments for patients of all ages. Moreover, dentist's commitment to delivering a natural look to the teeth made it a permanent solution for patients and a source of peace of mind for them.

Why choose Turkish Dental Implant?

First and foremost, the reason for prescribing Dental Implants in Turkey is the robust healthcare infrastructure of the country. Turkish clinics are equipped with modern cutting-edge technologies and adhere to international dental care facilities that primarily cause people to choose them.  Secondly, dental implants in Turkey have become a highly effective solution to missing teeth and boost the confidence of the patient. The final reason for prescribing Turkey for dental implants is its strategic location between Asia and the West.

Things that Make Dental Implant More Affordable in Turkey:

Turkish dental clinics offer low-living cists services to their visitors that make the dental implant process more affordable. An inclusive dental package in Turkey may include Tooth scans, consultant and check-ups, anesthesia applications, in-country transfers, tooth implant installations, and additional medications during the treatment. Moreover, the inclusion of an in-country transfer plan enhances the satisfaction rate for patients.

For example, if someone looking for a dental implant in Turkey and buys hotel accommodations and flight tickets on his own, he might pay additional Euros or service charges than the inclusive package offered by major clinics. Turkish dental clinics offer personalized treatment plans and specify special units in clinics that oversee the accommodation needs of the patients.

Full Month Dental Implant Package in Turkey:

Turkish dental clinics offer personalized dental services along with several packages. Full-month dental implants in Turkey vary from clinic to clinic considering the inclusive services attached to the package. The average monthly package in Turkey includes

·      First Examination

·      Tooth Extraction

·      Panoramic X-Ray

·      Full Set of Dental Implants

·      Pre-and post-treatment care

·      Hotels Transfers

·      Post-Treatment Check-Ups

The price range for these packages normally begins from 4,000 Euros to 15,000 Euros. The prices may vary depending upon including services in the dental plan. Similarly, the selection of treatment plans and implant brands may also impact the pricing structure for dental implants in Turkey. The advantage of having a full-month dental plan is a permanent solution for your missing teeth and boosts peace of mind. Unlike other treatments, a dental implant may require removal or slip but allows the patient to speak, enjoy their favorite foods, and smile with confidence. Some dentists like "Health Centres Turkey" also offer free consultations and personalized treatment plans to make the patient healthier.


A complete Guide for Full Month Package:

Full-month dental implants in Turkey are more difficult and detailed as compared to normal dental procedures because of their multiple steps. In the first step, dentists in Turkey examine infected teeth and start optional sedation or suggest required surgery. The local sedation process assists the patients in restoring upper or lower jaw teeth. Dentists also consider any intraoral problem before going for a dental implant and treat that intraoral problem first. The second step in the process is laboratory testing of affected teeth.

After the first treatment, a patient needs to follow a prescribed care plan for 2 to 4 months. During this process, injected implants are expected to naturally fit on the affected jaws and grow naturally. Patients do not need to stay in Turkey during this period and may visit back to their country during the waiting period. They need to remain in contact with professionals so that any sudden problem may be figured out and treated instantly. Additionally, patients may enjoy touristic activities during their stay in the country and explore the natural wonders along with premier dental implants in Turkey.


Other Additional Dental Implants:

Dental Implants in Turkey include multiple personalized packages like All-on-4 dental implants, All-on-6 Dental implants, Full Arch Restoration, and many other options for those who are struggling with tooth loss challenges. Full Arch Restoration would be life-changing for elderly patients or for those who completely lose their teeth. Similarly, in All-on-6 implant procedures, experts offer 24 to 28 fixed teeth replacements. It is a more stable durable and durable solution for dental implants. The average cost for an all-on-4 dental implant is 1900-7500 Euros, on 6 dental treatment costs 4000-10,000 Euros, full mouth dental implant costs 1900-11000 Euros, and a single tooth implant may cost 200-1200 Euros.


In conclusion, a Dental Implant in Turkey could be the most trusted and cost-effective option for those who are worried about their missing teeth or losing their confidence because of unnatural teeth. Turkey has become the global dental tourism hub because of its cutting-edge technologies, affordable treatment options, and variety of treatments. With a full month package for dental implants, patients could not only improve their oral health but also maintain their aesthetic smile. Your visit to Turkey for a Dental Implant could be a transformative experience and offer a compelling combination of convenience, quality care, and affordability. 

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