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General Surgery clinics in Turkey


The term "general" doesn't exempt the fact that you need highly skilled surgeons if you are considering having general surgery. Although there are several surgeons out there, what the general surgery clinics in Turkey have to offer can't be compared with any.

Ranked among the top 10 countries to consider for medical tourism, there is an increasing demand for Turkeys' quality medical services, and this has facilitated rapid development of its health sector. The availability of highly skilled surgeons and technologically advanced facilities has helped the health sector meet up with this high demand.

The 2018 VAT exception for people on medical tourism greatly reduced the cost of getting common surgeries such as appendectomy, breast surgery for non-cancerous and cancerous tumors, gallbladder removal, esophageal surgery, transplants, thyroid removal, etc. This reduced cost has made general surgery clinics in Turkey the next stop for people looking to get a surgery and recover safely.

What You Need To Know About Getting A General Surgery In Turkey

Aside from the top-notch medical services that Turkey has to offer, there are certain important things that you need to know about getting a general surgery in Turkey. The following will give you a clear picture of what you need to know

1. The expected duration of the surgery

The length of stay in Turkey depends on the type of surgery you are to undergo. On average, you might have to stay in Turkey for three weeks. Although, this varies and depends on a lot of factors.

While on your medical tourism, the team at the clinic that will be attending to you will make a proper diagnosis and recommend the most effective and safest surgery procedure for you. A team usually comprises sub-specialties with years of experience in their area of expertise. With this, no decision is made without proper consideration.

2. Aftercare

Irrespective of the surgery you undergo, you are going to need aftercare. The general surgery clinics in Turkey have that in check as well. Aside from the experienced surgeons here, they also have medical support staffs that will attend to you regularly and make sure you are in a good state of health.

Depending on the type of surgery and the speed of your recovery, some surgeries might require you to stay back in the clinic for a few days to weeks for routine checks. The surgeons are in a better position to tell you how long this will take.

3. Success rate

Clinics in Turkey are equipped with the latest technologies to increase the success rate of all kinds of general surgeries. In addition to the extensive experience, the medical personnel here knows how to use advanced technologies and the latest surgical techniques without any mistakes.

For example, general surgeons in Turkey are known to efficiently use laparoscopic techniques and perform robot-assisted surgeries. With all of these, they can minimize the risks of infection, bleeding, damage to organs, and other complications. Thereby increasing the success rate of all general surgeries.

The Benefits of Travelling to Turkey for General Surgery

  • General Surgery clinics in Turkey will attend to you immediately and assign you to a team of general surgeons without keeping you on the waiting list.
  • Getting quality general surgery in Turkey comes at a pocket-friendly price. With a 20% to 30% decrease in price compared to what you might get in Europe or America, it's quite affordable.
  • In addition to getting quality health care, a visit to Turkey will allow you to explore the city you choose to visit and give you the opportunity to see a whole new world with unique diversity.