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    Şişli Kolan International - Description

Kolan International Hospital, equipped with a patient-centered approach, a specialized medical team in every field, qualified healthcare staff, high hygiene standards, and modern medical technologies, operates with a service philosophy that prioritizes patient comfort. Carefully designed to provide quality services in more than 40 specialties, the hospital is situated in a 20,000-square-meter enclosed area, featuring 174 beds, 6 operating rooms, internal, surgical, coronary, and cardiovascular surgery intensive care units with a total of 57 bed capacity, a neonatal intensive care unit consisting of 31 incubators, and various other specialized units.

To achieve successful clinical outcomes, the hospital's foundation is built on an academic approach, a reliable team, and modern medical equipment. There are agreements with the Social Security Institution (SGK) in all specialties, and private insurance and institution agreements are also part of the comprehensive services offered by the hospital. An experienced and specialized team in the field of Health Tourism provides special services to foreign patients.

Located in a easily accessible, central location in Şişli for a healthy life, Kolan International Hospital, adhering to ethical principles, offers knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced nursing services in rooms designed with patient comfort in mind. Treatments are carried out by an academic and experienced medical team.

With accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), Kolan International Hospital continues its mission to provide the best service to patients by meticulously working in areas such as patient safety, infection control, patient care, assessment, risk management, staff training, information management, and facility safety, in accordance with international standards.


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