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    Memorial Medstar Topçular - Description

Medstar Hospitals, a member of the Memorial Healthcare Group, provides healthcare services at international standards across Turkey, especially in the Mediterranean Region. With two hospitals located in Antalya, Medstar offers diagnostic and treatment services in various specialties with its experienced academic staff, advanced medical technology infrastructure, and contemporary architecture.

The "Cancer Center" at Medstar Antalya Hospital stands out as one of its prominent units, possessing the distinction of being a reference center for cancer treatment in Turkey and worldwide. This center takes a personalized approach to treatment and plays a pioneering role in the fight against cancer by simultaneously utilizing advanced technologies alongside internationally significant health centers.

The Medstar Chemotherapy and Art Center provides patients undergoing chemotherapy and those admitted to the clinic with various social activities under the guidance of an experienced artistic therapy team. Activities such as painting, music, theater, and yoga are offered to enhance patients' treatment motivation and support their quality of life.

Medstar Antalya Hospital operates in a closed area of 18,500 m2, offering 162 beds, 5 operating rooms, 10 cardiovascular surgery rooms, 6 coronary intensive care units, and 9 general intensive care beds. On the other hand, Medstar Topçular Hospital, with its 4600 m2 closed area, provides services in various specialties, especially women's health and childbirth, with an experienced expert team, modern architecture, comfortable patient rooms, spacious outpatient clinic areas, and a capacity of 58 beds.


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