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    Memorial Hizmet - Description

Established on October 30, 2000, inspired by the "Service First" principle of the Turkish Kidney Foundation, Hizmet Hospital has been providing services under the expert management of Memorial Health Group since March 1, 2010.

Memorial Health Group aims to offer "Scientific and Safe" services at Hizmet Hospital, incorporating medical and technological innovations each day, maintaining medical quality without compromising, and increasing patient and family satisfaction in more technologically advanced infrastructure conditions.

Hizmet Hospital provides a secure treatment environment for its patients with a specialized team of physicians closely following scientific and technological developments, modern technological infrastructure, comfortable patient floors, carefully designed patient rooms, spacious outpatient clinics, effective laboratories, and an advanced imaging center.

Located at a readily accessible point, Memorial Hizmet Hospital offers health services to both local and foreign patients. It features a closed area of 12,000 m2, a total of 112 bed capacity including 35 Intensive Care Unit beds (9 General Intensive Care, 10 Coronary and Stroke Intensive Care, 11 Neonatal Intensive Care, and 5 Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care), 4 modern operating rooms, a conference hall for 120 people, and a parking lot with a capacity for 200 vehicles. The Emergency Services Department provides uninterrupted service with 5 observation beds, 1 intervention room, and a fully equipped operating room, operating 24 hours a day.


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