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    Memorial Dicle - Description

Memorial Dicle Hospital opened its doors in 2013, becoming the 8th branch of the Memorial Health Group. This healthcare facility, located in Diyarbakır, aims to provide quality solutions to the healthcare needs of the region. With its modern facilities, well-equipped academic staff, and patient-centric architecture, Memorial Dicle is designed not only to serve Diyarbakır but also to offer comprehensive healthcare services to surrounding areas and international patients. The hospital is built on a closed area of 21,000 square meters with a capacity of 135 beds. It is equipped with 9 operating rooms, 50 neonatal intensive care units, 16 general intensive care units, 5 cardiology, and 7 cardiovascular surgery intensive care units, totaling 78 intensive care beds. With its outpatient areas, patient rooms, comfortable suite rooms, and specially designed sections for disabled patients, the hospital provides a contemporary medical experience to its patients. Memorial Dicle is a specialized hospital in surgical and medical fields, prominently serving the Southeastern Anatolia Region. It stands out with advanced technological operating rooms in areas such as oncological surgeries, hepatobiliary surgeries, surgeries for gastric and colorectal diseases, head and neck cancers, and cochlear implant surgeries. It also serves as a regional reference center in specialties such as cardiovascular surgery, cardiology, interventional cardiology, neurosurgery, gastroenterology, and endocrinology. The hospital's services include a Reproductive Medicine Center, a department for women's health and obstetrics, a pediatric orthopedics department, urology, plastic surgery and beauty center, and a physical therapy and rehabilitation center, all specialized in their respective fields. Additionally, the radiology department conducts imaging in accordance with international standards, and the well-equipped intensive care units provide personalized treatment plans to patients. Memorial Dicle encompasses the cardiology, interventional cardiology, and cardiovascular surgery reference centers of the Memorial Health Group, offering comprehensive healthcare services to the local community. The cardiology department successfully performs interventional procedures such as treating adult cardiovascular diseases, complex vascular lesions, and interventions for heart rhythm disorders, as well as the application of pacemakers.


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