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    Estethica Ataşehir - Description

Estethica, a prominent figure with the principle of "Healthy Beauty," is one of the most prestigious aesthetic surgery hospitals worldwide, having earned numerous awards. Supported by state-of-the-art technology in all clinics, Estetica, with a perfectionist perspective guided by scientific research, makes its mark in the fields of health and beauty through expert doctor consultations and specialized surgical procedures. Located in the magnificent city of Istanbul, renowned for its cultural diversity, Estetica aims to reach a broad audience with its branches in Ataşehir and Levent.

The Objectives of Estethica are as follows:

Implement international scientific developments in all service areas of their hospitals, Add new values by meeting the needs and expectations of the society they serve, Contribute to health education to enhance the health awareness of patients and the community, Create value-added systems that positively reflect personal performance on institutional performance, Maximize the satisfaction of patients and their families, Ensure that all personnel at Estethica are knowledgeable and experienced professionals capable of performing their duties well, Minimize error margins in their services and consistently strive for the best results.

Estethica Health Group provides international services in various fields such as Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplantation and Hair Health, Oral and Dental Health, Healthy Living and Nutrition, Weight Loss Clinic, Cosmetic and Dermatology, as well as Traditional Medicine according to Ibn Sina. With its expert and experienced medical staff, world-standard technological devices, and well-equipped clinics, Estethica aims to offer high-quality services in Turkey and Europe.

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