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    Bayrampaşa Kolan Hospital - Description

Bayrampaşa Kolan Hospital, proudly opened its doors in 2015 as a distinguished member of the Kolan Health Group, and continues to thrive with a mission to provide general healthcare services. Our primary goal as the Kolan Hospital Group is to combine quality healthcare with economic conditions, delivering reliable services for the physical and mental well-being of everyone around the clock through a specialized and friendly team.

Bayrampaşa Kolan Hospital adopts a dynamic and team-focused approach, aiming to transcend global standards in the field of health by embracing innovative ideas fueled by advanced technology and science. In addition to providing world-class services in all medical branches, the hospital incorporates the latest medical and surgical techniques, especially in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and heart diseases, with the support of modern technologies.

The Bayrampaşa branch, representing an investment focused on health along with Bayrampaşa Kolan Hospital under the Kolan Group, boasts a hospital with 114 beds and 4 operating rooms, covering 8,000 square meters of closed area. The Intensive Care Units with a capacity of 41 beds ensure a rapid and effective response to emergency situations.

The Emergency Department is equipped with separate entrances for ambulances and patients, along with resuscitation and orthopedic intervention rooms. Additionally, there is a dedicated observation section for patients. Special examination rooms for frequently needed specialties in the emergency department are designed to provide the fastest service to patients.

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