Hospitals In Turkey: Right Choice For Your Health!

Hospitals in Turkey have always been a popular tourist destination. Not just that, but Turkey is among the top 10 medical tourism destinations in the world. Due to the country’s mounting hospital sector, medical tourism in Turkey is rising in dominance. It is a democratic country and has a stable economy. It is surrounded by eight countries which include Georgia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Syria, Iraq, Armenia, Greece, and Iran. Turkey is one of the advanced health bases of the world by its competitive prices, evidence-based service procurement at international standards, qualified human resources, and advanced technology. Healthcare in Turkey, like in other European destinations is a mixture of private as well as public healthcare services. Turkey is an almost perfect destination for old patients, especially those who can’t afford requisite operations at home due to any reason.

Turkey has recently exposed a list of state incentives for making healthcare even cheaper in prices for overseas visitors. A law has been passed by the government in March 2018, that offers VAT exception to those who are non-residents of Turkey, also who go for receiving medical treatment in an institution authorized by the Ministry of Health. The attention given to health in Turkey come to be known in the world. Every year, around 500,000 foreign patients pay a visit to Turkey for their medical treatment. All doctors providing medical assistance in Turkey must have occupational obligation insurance. In case of any medical malpractice or error, the patient is counterpoised by insurance. All hospitals in Turkey provide their services according to national accreditation criteria and are reviewed twice a year.

Why You Should Choose Hospitals in Turkey For a Treatment?

1. Quality And Safety In Medical Care:

The medical staff in Turkey are highly-trained and provide excellent quality of services. Istanbul, a city of Turkey has 48 JCI accredited medical facilities.  When
receiving treatment here, you’re assured that you’re in the safe hands! Almost all hospitals in Turkey are ISO 2001 certified.

2. Cutting Edge Medical Technology:

Highest technologies available in the world are utilized in Turkey for operating purposes, and some of them are named below:

  • IGRT
  • 3 Tesla MRI
  • Da Vinci Surgery – Robotic-Assisted Surgery
  • PET CT
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Gamma knife
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Radiotherapy
  • Cyberknife

3. Excellent Facilities Are Provided At Low Prices:

Turkey provides world-class facilities at really low rates.  The medical industry here is self-sufficient and requires no outside help and it is the sole reason that a
large number of people come here for their treatment as they get great value for their money.

4. Hospitality:

The guests who visit Turkey for their treatment become family! It is another reason that it is visited by a large number of international tourists every year. Also, there are international patient departments of health facilities that arrange accommodation, translation, complete travel planning, pre-interview, and other necessities. They make sure that you get the feels of home while staying in Turkey!

5. Accelerated Services:

You shall never make your health wait. In Turkey, you will find the most efficient and quick responses to your healthcare needs.

7 Top Hospitals in Turkey

Turkey has made some marvelous strides for attaining universal healthcare for all of its citizens and for foreigners. To find the best hospitals in Turkey, one does not have to strive hard as there is a considerable amount of hospitals in Turkey that provide top-notch facilities to the residing people and tourists with 24/7 availability of doctors and physicians. The private hospitals also guarantee the utmost comfort for their patients by arranging hotels for recuperation and VIP airport shuttle services. A large number of medical infrastructure are nestled around large urban areas. With an excellent mixture of private and public health services. Here’s the list of 7 Top Hospitals in Turkey:

  1.  Acıbadem Hospital Taksim
  2.  Amerikan Hospital
  3.  Koç University Hospital
  4.  Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital
  5.  İstinye University Hospital
  6.  Avrupa Florence Nightingale Hospital
  7.  Eylul University Hospital Inciralti

Things You Should Know About Turkish hospitals 

Waiting time: Turkey’s waiting time when compared to other complicated surgical procedures in the Western is incomparably shorter.

Earnings: Turkey earns around $4 billion per year in health tourism revenue. The revenue is expected to increase to $20 billion by 2023.

Growth And Medical Vacations: Stated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the foreign medical tourists are increasing by 30% each year. Turkey is home to the cities with Mediterranean weather but also a lot of majestic mountains and charming villages. So people along with their medical treatments, enjoy vacations here. As the list of activities that the people can indulge in when visiting Turkey is endless. Most of the medical tourists choose cities like Antalya, Istanbul, and Ankara, which also are not only famous in the terms of best medical services providers but are also some of Turkey’s most loved tourist destinations.

Treatment Costs in Turkey

The treatments like Cyberknife, IVF for the treatment of cancer, orthopedic surgery, cardiac surgery, and more feature low costs. The difference in costs between the UK and Turkey is between 40-50%. Also, the doctors here are highly qualified and trained. Medical tourism in Turkey is famous because of quality that matches European hospitals and for the amazingly low cost of medical treatment.

The Benefits of Traveling to Turkey for Medical Treatment

  • The tourists will receive their treatment by highly qualified Physicians/Surgeons and hospital support staff.
  • The medical assistance provided here is pocket-friendly. The medical procedures done in Turkey are at least 60-80% cheaper when compared to the same
    procedures done in the UK and North America.
  • There are no long waiting lists, the patients are provided with rapid and efficient services.
  • Tailor-made services are available for the patients.
  • The latest technologies are used here.

What The Patients Should Look For Medical Tourism In Turkey

Before the patients pay a visit to Turkey for medical tourism, it is essential for them to know the ins and outs of everything. As while taking any medical procedure from anywhere, it is important for potential patients to research in order to receive the best medical services. They have to make sure that the medical assistance, they’re receiving from the Turkish hospitals meet the high-quality of standards. It is also good to look for independent reviews. Also, clarify the procedure, make sure you are free from all doubts and are aware of all costs. Following things should be known:

  1. Diagnosis and treatment needs.
  2. There is no need to learn Turkish language while receiving your treatment in Turkey. English is spoken here.
  3. Get everything in writing including opinions, recommendations, and costs.
  4. Research for the physicians and talk to them directly.

Popular Medical treatments in Turkey


Turkey has been an increasingly known destination for receiving health assistance which is cost effective and is of top-most quality. Hair transplant, Eye Surgery, Dental Treatment, and Plastic Surgery are the most popular medical treatments.

Hair Transplants:

Istanbul, a city of Turkey is famous for high-quality hair transplants. A large number of males visit Istanbul for getting their hair transplant done. The streets of Istanbul features so many private centers that provide the services of hair transplant at really affordable rates.

Eye Surgery:

One of the most expensive surgeries all around the world, eye surgery is offered by Turkey at really competitive prices. The eye treatment centers in Turkey are in uncountable numbers! The treatment is offered by highly-educated doctors with their specialization in optometry.

Dental Treatment:

Besides the top hospitals in Turkey, the dental care of Turkey is also a renowned one. Your smile is one of the most important aspects of your appearance, but these days it can be difficult to maintain a good smile as dental care is really expensive in most of the counties, but not in Turkey. Dental treatments are very popular here. The tourists, as well as locals, prefer to be treated at the private dental centers instead of hospitals as in private dental centers, the procedure is done more quickly. Another big reason for the people to come here for their dental treatment is that the prices here are really cheaper when compared to other
Western countries.

Plastic Surgery:

Plastic Surgery adds to the prominence level of Turkey! Most of the tourists come here for plastic surgeries. The doctors of Turkey, in this field, are considered among the best plastic surgeons of the world.

Turkey, a fascinating country is not just home to some of the world’s beautiful places, it is now also recognized as a rising medical tourism center. Medical tourists can benefit from a wide variety of healthcare options. Healthcare development in Turkey has brought about great variation not only to Turkey’s healthcare landscape but also the attention of doctors and patients from different countries. Turkey also provides 24/7 language support to medical tourists. One thing to be noted that all patients are treated equally in Turkey whether they’re residents or locals.