Here Is Your Complete Guide About Hospitals In Israel

More and more people have started to take their medical treatment abroad, no matter in what country they live in. The accelerated globalization of both health care and tourism has scattered light on new possibilities for patients from developed countries to search for high-quality healthcare outside their countries. Medical tourism in Israel is also gaining popularity with increasing demand due to skilled healthcare providers and the latest technology. Patients from various countries are treated in several major Israeli hospitals and in private practices.

International Healthcare Research Center recently issued the Medical Tourism Index and they named Israel as one of the top medical tourism destinations all
around the world. The medical costs in Israel are significantly lower than other countries including the United States and Russia. Not just that, the airfare, miscellaneous, and hotel expenses are also low in Israel. The state-of-art facilities and highly trained medical professionals at low costs attract a large number of patients to take their treatment from the Hospitals in Israel. It is ranked among the 28 healthcare systems in the world because of its oncology and eurosurgeries, also because of the treatments of IVF, fertility, and cancer. Every year, around 50,000 medical tourists visit Israel as the doctors here are highly respected and are known for their abilities.

Why Should You Choose Hospitals in Israel For Your Medical Treatment?

It is important for the tourists to find the right balance of cost and quality case when traveling abroad for their medical treatment. The Israeli medical doctors undergo just as much education and training as American physicians and sometimes even more than them. Also, Israel has one of the world’s most advanced health care systems where standard treatments are provided by the best medical professionals who use high-quality equipment. Language is also a bonus here! Almost all health care professionals in Israel communicate in English. There are uncountable well-stocked pharmacies in Israel and most of them are available round the clock.

8 Top Hospitals In Israel

Israel has a long-standing reputation as one of the major medical tourism destinations in the world. Hospitals in Israel are among the most advanced ones. Here’s a list of the 8 top hospitals in Israel:

  1. Hadassah Medical Organization.
  2. Sheba Medical Center.
  3. Assuta Medical Centers Assuta Hospital.
  4. Rambam Health Care Campus.
  5. Assaf HaRofeh Medical Center.
  6. Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel.
  7. Barzilai Medical Center.
  8. Edith Wolfson Medical Center.

Famous Medical Treatments In Israel

The patients from all over the world come to Israel for the following medical treatments:

  • Bone Marrow Transplants

A special therapy, Bone marrow transplantation (BMT) is used for the treatment of cancers and other diseases.

  • Heart Surgery And Catheterization

A large number of patients come to Israel for their heart surgeries. Also, catheterization is a procedure by which certain cardiovascular diseases are treated and diagnosed.

  • Oncological And Neurological Treatments

Israel is famous for oncological and neurological treatments, these treatments are done for diagnosing and treating patients with brain tumors and other sorts of tumors in the nervous system.

  • Orthopedic Procedures

Orthopedic procedures are used for correcting and treating deformities, injuries, and diseases to the musculoskeletal system.

  • IVF Treatment

IVF is performed for treating infertility. Most of the people come here for taking this treatment in Israel due to its great success rate.

  • Cancer Treatment

Israeli medical professionals have always been at the lead of the battle against cancer. They use cutting-edge technologies and procedures for managing different types of cancer.

Medial Treatment Costs In Israel

Israel is a country very popular for health tourism. The high level of medical practitioners and the quality of treatment has made Israel one of the most popular countries for medical tourism. Israel is best known for medical tourism because of a few factors. Cost of the treatment is one of them. The factors affecting the cost of treatment in Israel include:

  • The general medical field is less expensive. General medical surgeries cost way less than orthopedic surgeries. The cost of the treatment depends on the
    condition of the patient at the time of his arrival in Israel.
  • Quick treatment is available for tourist patients or foreigners who do not need extra-care or need to be put under medical invigilation. However, in case
    of hospitalization, the cost of the treatment increases.
  • The cost of certain tests and body examinations vary and depend on the condition of the patient as well as the kind of the test/examination. Cancer patients usually bring with themselves the paraffin block with verified tumor and CD radiograms. However, in certain cases, the histological specimen is not sufficient and more tests need to be done.
  • Some medical conditions don’t need surgical care. Means, these medical conditions could be corrected with the right medications, either injected into
    the body or taken orally. Drugs in Israel are more expensive in comparison to countries like Russia and Ukraine, but also more qualitative. It is up to the
    patient if he wants to pay more for medication to get better treatment and quick recovery. Israeli hospitals and pharmacies offer the home delivery service to their foreign patients.

As mentioned earlier, hospitalization increases cost. The cost in case of hospitalization depends on the amount of time of the patient’s stay at Israeli clinics and hospitals. The price also varies in public and private sector hospitals in suburban regions of the state.

Benefits Of Medical Treatment In Israel

  • The prices of the treatments are low paired with top-quality.
  • Medical treatment is only provided by highly qualified physicians and
  • Institutions here have made partnerships with valued American medical

5 Topmost Medical Advances In Israeli Hospitals

1. ApiFix implant

The spine condition scoliosis is corrected with minimal risk, low scar size and quick recovery with the ApiFix system. The implantation of the miniature ratchet material has been done successfully in a dozen of patients so far. The clinical trials of the system are in its last stage while the limited sale of the product has already started.

2. Argo Medical Technologies And Gamida Cell

Rewalk robotic exoskeleton by the company Argo Medical Technologies helped Israeli paraplegic runners from Tel Aviv and London run and complete marathons. These Rewalk robots are being used widely in rehab centers from New York to Dusseldorf. The Rewalk robots are being sold and used in Europe while waiting for FDA clearance in the US.

High-quality stem cell products are not easily available around the world. However, Israel has Gamida cell, a developing stem-cell product to treat blood disorders such as blood cancer, anemia, leukemia, and certain auto-immune and genetic metabolic diseases. A patient in North Carolina’s Duke University was transplanted the Gamida cells successfully on Sept 9, in the second phase study of NiCord, Gamida’s experiment of the treatment of blood cancer.

3. GI View Aer-O-Scope

One of the most fascinating of the medical advances in Israel is the disposable colorectal cancer screening device called GI View Aer-O-Scope. It can perform the life-saving colonoscopy screening at much cheaper rates with lower risk rate. The machine is accessible worldwide. The Aer-O-Scope minimizes the risk of puncturing the colon during colonoscopy and is very easy to use. It can be used by a trained technician or nurse without the presence of a gastroenterologist.

4. IceCure IceSense3

Without any surgery, uterine fibroid cysts and tumors are destroyed with the help of InSightec’s ExAblat or with the uses of MRI-guided focused ultrasound. Also, it reduces the risk of any infection as well as hemorrhage.

5. IceCure Medical’s IceSense3

For removing benign breast lumps in a 10-minute ultrasound-guided procedure, IceSense3 is widely used by the doctors. This procedure is carried out in any clinic, breast center or doctor’s office. Moreover, the patient after the treatment can leave without any post-care or recovery period.

Some Tips For Medical Tourists Visiting Hospitals in Israel

  • If you plan to stay after your treatment or to come earlier, then check out hotels or rental apartments. Most of the hospitals have their own hotels, but
    they may be a bit expensive.
  • When traveling to Israel, search about the hospitals and the treatments they provide. Doing this will give you a clear idea about their list of
    treatments and if yours is included in their list. When you are choosing your health center, ask your physician or insurance company about all the specialties and facilities in Israel.
  • You can also contact a medical tourism planner who will arrange your trip and will provide you all the necessary information.

Patients who come to Israel to have their medical treatment receive topmost quality customer services, and a level of personalized care by highly trained medical staff. If you too are interested in receiving the best treatments in the hospitals of Israel, by the professional medical experts, using the most advanced technologies of the world, then you’re warmly invited to opt treatment in Israel. Whether you need to get your heart surgery done, fertility treatment, orthopedic
surgery or cancer therapy, excellent care awaits you in Israel.