Hospitals In Ukraine Here’s Everything That You Need To Know!

Today, health tourism is at its peak. A great number of patients are striving to travel abroad to get their medical treatment done from there. Doing this saves not only their money, but it adds to the doctor’s visit along with a sightseeing tour. There are numerous reasons why people choose to travel abroad for their medical treatment, for instance, their home country lacks the treatment that they’re requiring, they find it cheaper in some other countries, they’ve to face long-waiting for their turns and the list is never-ending. However, hospitals in Ukraine have shown great growth over the past years.

The hospitals in Ukraine provide a wide variety of treatments to their patients. Around 50,000+ foreign patients are treated in Ukraine every year. Today, healthcare tourists can expect the highest standard of expertise and equipment from the hospitals in Ukraine as they have excelled these! Ukraine is not only the best medical care provider but the captivating castles, beautiful churches, cathedrals, national beauty, rich heritage, and cultural tradition are also offered to the visitors! The spectacular sites boasted by Ukraine will leave the visitors in awe. Let us take a peek that why medical tourism in Ukraine is on the rise: 

Why Should You Choose Ukrainian Hospitals For Your Medical Treatment?

There are so many reasons why people choose medical tourism in Ukraine, around 50,000 patients come here annually. Some of the reasons why someone chooses Ukraine for his/her medical treatment are; 

1. Top-quality Medical Assistance at Competitive Prices: 

Ukraine offers great medical assistance to the patients which can further be clubbed with amazing vacationing opportunities at really competitive rates. Ease of accessibility is another great aspect, visa-free travel is allowed to almost all travelers from Russia, EU, and CIS countries. 

2. Excellent Medical Services and Facilities: 

Ukraine grabs the attention of foreigners with its state-of-art infrastructure, top-class medical services, affordability, and much more. Numerous packages are also available that include treatment and vacation altogether, however, these are available at highly competitive prices. 

3. Modern Equipment and Professional Medical Staff: 

The clinics in Ukraine are equipped with modern technologies, so only the best medical services will be provided to the patients. One of the other key factors that make medical tourism in Ukraine successful is that the doctors here are highly educated. They have deep knowledge of modern and classic medicine. Not only the doctors, but the surgeons as well are known all around the world for providing the best medical treatments. 

4. Ease Of Communication: 

The language barrier may cause a lot of hindrances, but not in the case of Ukraine. By keeping the importance of the language barrier, the hospitals in Ukraine, as well as clinics, have English-speaking staff. 

Some of the Famous Treatments Provided  by Hospitals in Ukraine:

Ukraine is known all around the world for providing effective and best treatments. Some of the famous treatments in Ukraine may include: 

1. Cosmetic Surgery: 

Those people who aim to change their appearance are always welcome by Ukraine. Ukraine treats thousands of patients every year who come for cosmetic surgeries. In the last 5 years, the number of plastic surgeries has shown a boost of 20% in this country. However, these surgeries are done at cheaper rates when compared to Europe and America. 

2. Dental Treatments:

A large number of tourists come to Ukraine to get their dental treatments. This country not only has highly educated dentists but the latest dental equipment as well. 

3. Stem Cell Treatment:

Ukraine is highly appreciated all around the world for providing the best stem cell treatment. A large number of foreign travelers come here to get this treatment.

Not just this, you can enjoy a variety of wellness and spa treatments during your stay. Also, private healthcare centers in Ukraine have high standards, there’s no long line for tourist’s operations, treatment, or interventions. 

Some other medical specialties, treatments, and surgeries may include;

  • Rehabilitation. 
  • Heart Diseases. 
  • Endovascular Surgery. 
  • Diagnostics. 
  • Liver Diseases. 
  • Uterine fibroids
  • General Medicine. 
  • Tuberculosis and Pneumology.
  • Reproductive medicine. 
  • Varicocele. 
  • Ophthalmology. 

10 Top Hospitals In Ukraine:

Each of us wants to access good health; there are numerous top hospitals in Ukraine. These hospitals cater to the best medical services combined with low costs. We’ve made a list of the top hospitals in Ukraine, these will help you to select yours, take a peek at these!

  1. National Institute of Tuberculosis and Pulmonology F G Janowski.
  2. Eurolab Medical Center.
  3. Medical Institute of Sumy State University.
  4. Ophthalmologic Clinic Excimer.
  5. Medical Centre Dobrobut Kyiv.
  6. Endovascular Surgery of Ukraine.
  7. Isida Hospital.
  8. Clinic of Reproductive Medicine Nadija.
  9. Efferent Therapy Clinic. 
  10. Center Ailaz Ophthalmology Center. 

Visa Guide for Visiting Hospitals in Ukraine

Ukraine has been known for the medical services it provides to both its citizens and foreigners. People from every corner of the world come to seek advanced medical treatment at affordable costs

The state of Ukraine offers Visas of three types:

Transit, B-type Visa:

This visa is for the people who transit for 5 or less than 5 days. The validity of the transit or B- type visa is one year and depends upon the supporting documents provided by the traveler.

Shot-term or C-type Visa:

This visa is for stateless people planning a stay of more than 90 days in Ukraine. The validity of the C-type visa is 6 months or depends on the provided documents by the traveler. The issuance of this visa for longer than a 5-year term is not possible.

Long-term or D-type Visa:

The long-term or D-type visa is issued to people coming from other states, who have planned a temporary residence of more than 90 days in Ukraine. The validity of this Visa is 90 days.

Patients intending to seek medical treatment in Ukraine can choose any tourist visa based on the duration of their stay. 

Application Procedure:

The visa application forms are available online and could be filled online and printed out to be submitted. 

The Visa application form must be signed by the traveler.

Documents required:

  • A signed application form.
  • An active and valid travel passport.
  • A passport-size photo.
  • An invitation letter is issued by the Ukrainian hospital or medical center.
  • Documents proving sufficient funds to cover the expenses during stay in Ukraine ( bank statement,  bank cards, and Ukrainian currency)
  • Documents proving the medical and/or travel insurance of the patient.

Visa Processing Time:

Urgent visa processing takes up to 5 days. Whereas ordinary visa processing requires a processing time of up to 10 working days and might take more than 20 days in case of additional checks.

Visa Fee:

The Visa fee for all three, i.e. type-C, type-B and type-D is 65 US dollars. 

Some Quick Information about Ukraine


The Ukrainian language is spoken all around Ukraine, but for foreigners, language isn’t a barrier. Most of the people here can converse in English. However, Ukrainian and Russian are spoken here fluently.  


The majority of people in Ukraine are Christians. But, people with different religions are also found here in abundance.

National Currency

The national currency of Ukraine is Hryvnia. 


There are 46 million people in Ukraine according to the last census. 

Here Are Some Quick Tips To Ukraine Medical Tourists:

Ukraine is just perfect to be visited by everyone who’s in search of a beautiful landscape, stunning coastlines of the Azov Sea and the Black Sea, and the Carpathian mountains. Ukraine has been welcoming guests with a lot of benefits when they come here for their medical treatment. Apart from the top-quality medical care, the patients here can enjoy captivating sightseeing. Ukraine is an ideal medical care provider and a perfect vacation spot! Here are some tips for medical tourists;

  • When traveling to Ukraine, make sure you have complete information about your doctor and the hospital where you will be treated.

  • Make sure that you’re aware of the weather conditions so that you can do your packing accordingly and there will be no need of facing any sort of problems.

  • If you’re getting your planning done from a reputable medical tourism agency then ask them to arrange everything for you, which includes hotel bookings, food guide, best hospitals, car rental, and the rest, doing this will avoid on-time arrangements.

  • Last, but not least, make sure you’ve chosen the right doctor and the right clinic. You can do this by gathering sufficient information about the doctor and the clinic.

By following the tips above, you’re assured to avoid any problems during your visit to Ukraine.

Wrapping Up:

Hospitals in Ukraine are upswing right now and there are numerous reasons for that, including the best hospitals, highly skilled doctors, state-of-art facilities, extremely low-cost treatments, a comfortable environment, no language barrier, and the list is never-ending. Sometimes getting your medical treatment done from abroad gets important, and if it is important for you too, then make sure you’re not missing Ukraine.