Hospitals In Thailand are Growing Fastly!

Going to a foreign country for getting your medical treatment done might have seemed like a novel idea a decade ago. But today, due to high-quality healthcare, reasonable prices, great facilities, Thailand is widely known! Hospitals in Thailand are a growing trend, credit goes to a whole range of factors! The excellent combination of quality care and low costs make Thailand very competitive in attracting a large number of overseas patients to get their medical treatment done in Thailand. Due to the government’s and citizens’ efforts, Thailand is now developed into a leading medical hub.

The hospitals in Thailand are staffed by highly qualified professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Thailand earned a great reputation and name due to its affordable and dependable medical services and treatments. These top-notch services and facilities include Thailand in the world’s top medical tourism destinations. Thailand is not only known for its amazing weather, captivating islands, gorgeous sunsets, or for its diamond-white sands but it is also known for its advanced healthcare system. Let us know how:

The Benefits Of Getting Your Medical Treatment Done in Thailand’s Hospitals

  • The national sense of harmony and Thailand’s hospitality provides the best accompaniment to medical treatment, and the friendly environment of the country further helps the patients to ease their treatment and to recover quickly.
  • The hospitals in Thailand are beautifully located, providing the patients with a beautiful view, enhancing the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Most of the hospitals have trained staff who can converse with the patients in multiple languages. Plus more, the highly qualified staff providing top-quality medical facilities are always available for the patients.
  • Advanced equipment is utilized here, it adds to the reputation score of Thailand’s healthcare system. Also, affordability is another factor. The costs of medical procedures here are inexpensive.

The Cost Of Medical Treatment And Health Insurance In Thailand

One of the most important incentives for choosing medical treatment abroad is indeed its cost. Not just this, some other considerations include the quality of the healthcare system. The medical procedures done in Thailand are much cheaper than those done in the US or Singapore. Below is the chart, showing some of the costs of the medical procedures:

Procedure US Singapore Thailand
Heart bypass 123,000 17,200 15,000
Angioplasty 28,200 13,400 4,200
Knee replacement 35,000 16,000 14,000
Hip replacement 40,364 13,900 17,000
Heart valve replacement 170,000 16,900 17,200

Ranked as the 3rd most popular country in terms of medical tourism, Thailand has over 1000 hospitals. However, 470 hospitals are private and 42 hospitals in Thailand are accredited by the JCI. It is true that Thailand’s medical procedures are cheaper than those done in Singapore and the US, but still, these may be expensive.

The Necessity Of Health Insurance

One of the most important questions is “If a person really needs health insurance in Thailand?” The answer is quite simple, if you’re working for the country then your health insurance is already satisfied by your social security payments. Moreover, it is done by the deduction of usually 5% of your salary. If you’re not a resident of Thailand then it is advisable to get health insurance. It is also possible to get health insurance on a temporary basis. By getting health insurance in Thailand, you can benefit a lot. Also to mention that health insurance in Thailand is quite expensive, but the price is worth it! By doing so, you get the best services from the top hospitals in Thailand.

6 Top Hospitals In Thailand

Almost all of the hospitals in Thailand cater to the best services, for acknowledging the readers about hospitals that are held in high esteem, we’ve combed through the Thailand hospitals and have compiled a list of 6 top hospitals in Thailand:

1. Phyathai Sriracha

One of the most notable hospitals in Thailand, Phyathai Sriracha features highly qualified medical experts and top-notch facilities. This hospital is just a 90-minute drive away from Bangkok.

2. Bangkok Hospital

This hospital has obtained the Joint Commission International Gold Seal of Approval and Hospital Accreditation (HA) of Thailand. This hospital is known for the medical staff working here, which use the latest medical technology.

3. Bumrungrad International Hospital

Another well-known hospital in Thailand, Bumrungrad International Hospital houses 200 beds. The staff working here can converse with the patients in fluent English. Every year, more than a million patients are treated here. This hospital has also achieved the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA).

4. BNH Hospital (Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital)

This hospital houses 100 beds, it has the most advanced medical equipment in Thailand. This hospital not only provides inpatient services but also outpatient services.

5. Paolo Memorial Hospital

Founded around 30 years ago, Paolo Memorial Hospital provides the best services through state of the art medical technology. In this hospital, numerous languages are spoken including Arabic, Bangladesh, and English.

6. Siriraj Hospital

One of the oldest hospitals in Thailand, Siriraj Hospital can house up to 2000 beds. This hospital serves around one million patients every year due to the best medical services and facilities provided.

VISA For Medical Treatment In Thailand

A medical treatment visa or Non-Immigrant Visa “MT” is provided to the applicants for a maximum number of 90 days. However, if the treatment is taking longer than 90 days then the applicant can also apply for Non – Immigrant Visa “O”. The validity of Visa varies between 3 months to 1 year, depending upon the treatment duration indicated in the supporting letter of the hospitals in Thailand.

The Documents Required For Applying For Visa

  1. A copy of the travel document or actual passport.
  2. Actual passport. (Should be valid for no less than 6 months.)
  3. A letter from the hospital, where the patient would be taking medical treatment. On the letter, the name of the patient as well as the appointment date should be mentioned.
  4. Evidence of Adequate Finance is also required.
  5. Two passport-size photos are required. (size 3.5×4.5 cm)

iVisa Processing Fee

When it is about Visas, most of the people are interested in knowing their costs of them. Especially those people, who are traveling on a budget. The cost of a visa depends upon the processing time that you choose.

Standard: The cheapest one, it costs around $20. By selecting this one, the application proceeds within just a single business day.

Rush: It costs around $50, but in return, your application proceeds within just 2 hours.

Super-Urgent: It charges you $70 if there’s an emergency and you need to rush to the next plane. It just takes 15 minutes.

Also to mention that iVisa has no additional costs, if there are any then you’re notified. Note: Consular officers have the right to ask about any additional documents, also to reject any application without any justifications.

Why Should You Choose Thailand’s Hospitals For Your Medical Treatment?

There are several reasons for the prioritization of medical treatment in Thailand. Most people are very health conscious which attracts them to Medical tourism abroad. Some of the reasons why people choose Thailand for medical tourism are given below:

  • Due to the lack of quality medical services in their native country.
  • Due to high expenditure, their medical insurance is unable to take care of their cost of treatment.
  • Government-based medical funds are not enough with respect to population.
  • The private medical sector deploys too much burden by overcharging for the medical procedures.
  • Immediate treatment with the rapid procedure.
  • Chance to take advantage of foreign travel as well as medical treatment.

The Costs Of Procedures in Hospitals in Thailand:

The biggest factor that attracts foreign patients is the cost of treatment and their quality. Even the living expenses, the cost of airfare, and the costs of medical treatment in Thailand are cheaper than the US and Singapore.

Maintenance Of Medical Care Standards

Just because you’re paying less for medical treatments doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting low-quality medical care. The services and facilities offered by the top hospitals in Thailand are non-parallel.

Highly Qualified Doctors And Advanced Equipment

The doctors, physicians, dentists, and surgeons here in Thailand are highly qualified. All of them are certified by at least two medical associations from abroad. The medical staff in Thailand is capable of providing the highest quality of medical care by utilizing advanced equipment.

Excellent Services

The medical services provided herein Thailand are rivals that of the Western hospitals. Most of the private hospitals here are accredited by JCI.

Medical Packages Are Available

Another big advantage of getting your medical treatment done in Thailand is that you get the opportunity to get a complete medical package instead of just going for just one procedure. The costs of these medical packages include all hospital and medical treatment fees.

Some Of The Well-Known Procedures in Thailand

Following are the names of some of the most known medical treatments in Thailand that attracts a great number of foreign tourists:

  1. For the treatment of heart diseases.
  2. For the treatment of cancer.
  3. For the treatment of addictions. (Could be any, drugs, etc.)
  4. For Rehabilitation.
  5. For Reconstructive Surgery.
  6. For Plastic Surgery.
  7. For Dental Implants.

Wrapping Up:

Thailand, one of the world’s most popular tourist destination is now taking a speedy turn towards becoming an excellent medical hub. The medical facilities and treatments in Thailand are of the highest quality. If you ever decide to get your medical treatment done abroad then Thailand should be your topmost priority. Why? It is discussed above!