Everything That You Need To Know About Hospitals in Mexico:

The medical tourism in Mexico has made its name by taking care of the weaknesses of the American and Canadian health care systems. The costs for medical procedures in Hospitals in Mexico are less expensive. It is one of the major reasons that Mexico is widely known for its medical care. Not just that, with alternative and affordable medical procedures, a large number of patients from all over the world are attracted to get their medical treatment done in Mexico. The medical tourism industry in Mexico produces over 3 billion dollars a year, therefore a great number of health facilities and clinics are under construction. Here’s your comprehensive guide about Medical Tourism in Mexico that covers all the important points that will make your medical tourism a lot more convenient and easy.

Known Medical Treatments in Mexico’s Hospitals

A large number of patients come to Mexico for receiving their medical treatment as the prices are quite affordable here. Some of the most common and known medical procedures include cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, orthopedic treatments, weight loss surgery, and heart surgery. Mexico offers advance medical treatments at a very affordable prices. The affordability has proven to be a factor affecting tourism for medical purposes in the region.

  • The Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic surgery includes surgical and non-surgical procedures. They carry this procedure to enhance and reshape the structure of the body. These procedures are perform in all areas of the neck, head and body. Besides that, hospitals In Mexico provides a wide variety of cosmetic procedures. These procedures are comparatively done at a cheaper price to the US. The patient can save up to 50%-70% by getting these procedures done in Mexico as compared to the United States.

  • Dental Treatments

Patients can easily find a highly-trained dentist in Mexico. Also, most-importantly high-tech equipment is used here. Patients can get their dental treatments done by saving thousands of dollars. In the US, the average cost for a dental crown is $1,200, but in Mexico, you’ll find the same thing in just $230. While talking about the full dentures then in the US it is up to $5,000 and in Mexico, it is around $700. Means, dental care in Mexico is 70% cheaper than the US. One thing to mention that the prices of treatments are low, but the quality is high.

  • Heart Surgery

In the US, one has to bear an expense of around $64,000 for open heart surgery. But in Mexico, the overall charges for open heart surgery is $24,000. Heart diseases in the US are on the rise, making the procedures very expensive. But medical tourism in Mexico seems like the best getaway for heart-related treatments. Bypass surgery in the US costs around $44,000, but in Mexico, it costs $24,000. Mexico not only provides top-quality treatments, but it is also able to treat a vast number of patients. Summing up, Mexico heals the heart for less!

  • The Orthopedic Procedures

In the US, orthopedic procedures are really expensive, ranging between $24,000-$28,000. The same procedures done in Mexico are 60%-75% cheaper than those procedures done in the US. There are numerous hospitals in Mexico that specialize in orthopedic procedures, providing top-quality care to the patients at best rates.

  • Procedures For Weight Loss

The weight loss surgeries in Mexico are 60% – 70% cheaper than the US. Some of the most frequently required procedures like gastric bypasses and others are
much expensive in the US, but not in Mexico as mentioned earlier. The doctors here in Mexico often have more expertise than the doctors in the US. It is one of those major reasons that attracts thousands of patients from all over the world for their treatment in Mexico. Another thing to mention, the wait time in Mexico is virtually non-existent.

3 Top Hospitals In Mexico

For those people who are going abroad to take their medical treatment there, healthcare is a huge consideration. And when you’re thinking of going to Mexico for your treatment then you’re down to so many options. While selecting any hospital make sure that it is certified by the Joint Commission International. Moreover, there are several top hospitals in Mexico and the quality and quantity of them can be found in the bigger cities, including Monterrey, Mexico City, and Monterrey. Following are the 3

Top Hospitals In Mexico

  1. Star Medica Hospital
  2. Christus Muguerza Hospital
  3. Angeles Group Hospital
  • Star Medica Hospital

It is a private hospital, founded in 2002. Within such a short period of time, this hospital showed tremendous growth and made itself prominent. The doctors here are Mexican Medical Board certified.

  • Christus Muguerza Hospital

One of the top and trusted hospitals in Mexico, Christus Muguerza Hospital has the best doctors. They carry all the procedures smoothly.

  • Angeles Group Hospital

This hospital is recognized for excellent facilities and services for over 40 years.

Tourism for medical purposes, aka medical tourism, is not something unheard of in Mexico. Being much less expensive than America, American civilians have no problem crossing the border to South to get affordable medical treatment and services. However, Mexicans who can afford to go to America to get advanced medical treatment.

The number of private hospitals in Mexico is increasing day by day. The construction business for hospitals and medicals clinics has been on its peak lately as well as surgery clinics and quality private hospitals.

There is a number of factors adding to the growth of better medical services in Mexico. Medical tourism is one of the biggest factors. The increase in the number of tourists to receive Madrid services has enhanced the quality as well as quantity of better, if not very advanced medical treatment.

Visa for Getting a Treatment in Hospitals in Mexico

Those citizens who require a visa for entering Mexico can get it from Mexican consulate in their respective countries. Also, the visa is valid for a period of 180 days. Following are some of the cities that require a visa for Mexico.

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Thailand
  4. Maldives

However, Visa is also issued earlier in some cases depending upon the urgency. Around $180 fee is required for visiting Mexico.

Why Should You Choose Mexico For a Treatmen?

Here are a few points about why you should choose Mexico For Medical Tourism.

  • Mexico is a smaller country, it enables the visitors to move around it with complete ease for getting different medical treatments.
  • The costs of medical treatments are inexpensive.
  • Highly-qualified doctors are always on duty for providing top-notch medical care to the patients. However, Mexican doctors have a lot more experience than most of the doctors in Canada and America.

Medical Procedure Costs And Insurance Cost And Plan:

The healthcare system in Mexico is quite affordable by all, especially for those who are all covered with health insurance. Around about 400 pesos (US$20) will be charged for a trip to the doctor’s office. However, for an emergency visit, the charges may be around 350-500 pesos, almost similar to a normal visit. Health insurance is on the rise in Mexico over the past years. Not only the person get insurance through his/her company, but temporary insurance plans can also be availed. Some of the temporary health insurance companies include:

  • DVK
  • GNP Mexico
  • Royal & Sun Alliance
  • Monterrey
  • Metlife

Increase In The Number Of Medical Tourists

Private hospitals in Mexico has state of the art buildings and good services, which could easily be compared to one of the best hospitals in the world. The increase in tourism in the country has enhanced the confidence of patients coming to get treatment in Mexican hospitals. The doctor’s behavior towards the patients is one of the things which attract more patients around the world to Mexico.

Traveling to and from Mexico is hassle-free and much easier than the US and patients from any distance could easily arrive and leave the country. More Americans get weight loss surgeries and dental treatments from borderline cities of Mexico as it is convenient to travel and affordable. A study done by UCLA in 2009 showed that almost a million Californians go south to receive medical treatments each year.

Tips for non-native medical tourists in Mexico

The language most spoken in Mexico is Spanish. However, the medical staff in hospitals and clinics speak fluent English. In the case of language problems, translators could be easily arranged.

Some of the important terms and their Spanish translations:

Medical term Spanish translation
Ambulance Ambulancia
Heart attack Infarto
Accident Accidente
Broken bone Huesos rotos
Emergency Emergencia
Pharmacy Farmacia
Hospital Hospital
Medical bill Factura médica
Stroke Derrame cerebral
Medical insurance Seguro médico
Prescription Prescripción











Things To Be Aware Of During Your Time In Mexico

Tourists should well prepare themselves to adjust in climate and altitude changes. The climate is humid, therefore it is advised to consume fluids and use mineral water bottles instead of tap water. The sun is sharp in Mexico, therefore one should keep with himself sunscreens and sunglasses, hats and comfortable clothes. Passports and documents should be kept safe. As a precaution, it is better to save the documents by scanning them in your mail.

The Mexican currency is Mexican Nuevo Peso, available in the denomination of twenty, fifty and hundred. Dollars could be used in Mexico and are widely accepted however it would be better to keep Mexican peso as a precaution. The Mexican banks work from Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 am to 5:00 am. The currency could be exchanged from 9 pm to 1 pm. Another more convenient way of exchanging foreign currency is to do that at Casas de Cambio (exchange houses), as they offer quick service as well as operate longer. 

Cards are acceptable in Mexico. Visa, American express, master card, and other major cards are acceptable across Mexico. It is advised to inform your credit at the company beforehand to save yourself from fraud safety block by which may render it useless. It is highly advised not to flaunt large amounts of cash and precious jewelry or electronic devices out in the open.

If you are planning to drive to Mexico, you might want to inform your insurance provider beforehand as most refuse to pay coverage in foreign lands.

If you are intending on renting a vehicle in Mexico, you may do that before you leave home to ensure its arrival upon your arrival. However, if you plan to drive around Mexico yourself, you should have a valid driver’s license and be of at least 25 years of age.

Medical Tourism In Mexico has experienced tremendous growth over the past years, moreover, it will continue to grow at the same pace. There are several reasons why tourists choose Mexico for their treatment and some of them are:

  • Skilled and highly qualified medical professionals.
  • Extra care by the hospitals in Mexico.
  • High-quality treatments at lower costs.