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Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey: Cost, Procedure, Reviews in 2024




The advance of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Turkey gives rise to multiple possibilities for improving the apparent look of people. These advancements have become game changers that transform human apparent look and make them attractive and appealing to others. Both men and women have become beauty-conscious and look forward to having a unique glimpse. Beauty enthusiasts visit cosmetic surgeons for many reasons like overcoming their high weight problems, improving facial appearance, vision defects correction, ear treatment, tooth improvement, and many others that make their personality dull and less attractive.


Eyebrow transformation is one of those surgical procedures that is considered a remarkable change in surgical lines and facial treatments. Aesthetic beauty needs and maintaining a unique social media profile, people all around the world opt for eyebrow transplants to improve their personalities and public acceptance. Many Turkish clinics offer an exceptional experience to national and international patients to not only achieve a sophisticated look but also a reliable option for their public acceptance needs. 


This article is designed to integrate all necessary information about eyebrow transplants in Turkey and offer necessary information about achieving a more appealing and aesthetic look. It includes the ways how Turkish experts revolutionize your life along with patient reviews for the success of the treatment. It serves as a guideline for achieving the most impressive facial treatment in Turkey. So, are you ready to learn more about the transformative journey you can have in Turkey and learn the ways how you can achieve thicker-looking eyebrows in Turkey?  


An overview of the procedure 


Eyebrow transplant is an aesthetic surgery that is associated with changing the eyebrow appearance and making it softer and harsher without changing the symmetry of the face. Before the surgical process, surgeons made scalp evaluations in the back or side areas of the head. There are some other factors as well that surgeons consider before going for eyebrow transplantation. These include pre-medical history, medication usage, patient age, scalp condition, number of grafts they need, and expected outcomes. 


Some people also prefer make-up techniques to having an eyebrow transplant but is not a permanent solution for affected eyebrows. The transplant option is a more effective remedy for thin and sparse eyebrows. The procedure was initiated in the presence of local anesthesia. It minimizes the scary conditions and creates comfort feelings for the patient. Patients might feel irritation in the eyebrow areas after the surgery that can be handled with specific medicines. 


The second step of the procedure is extracting the graft from healthy scalp locations. Surgeons prefer hair grafts from the back or sides of the head because these areas have a low probability of scalp loss. Small incisions are made to extract hair grafts and are stored in a slime solution. The third step of eyebrow transplantation is associated with filling the donor spaces and making them unnoticeable. In the previous stage, surgeons make sure there is no damage to the hair roots while graft extraction and donor areas can be filled with hair after some time. 


Initially, donor areas might be covered with surrounding hairs but later on patient can have natural hairs around the donor areas and properly recover from the extracted hair graft. The fourth stage of transplantation is implanting the hair in the required spaces. This stage is also associated with the development of small incisions. The surgeon uses modern-day equipment to make the procedure comfortable. The extracted hair culture is injected into the eyebrow areas and incisions are closed. 


The fourth stage is the end of the cosmetic procedure. The final stage of eyebrow transplantation is the recovery period. In this stage, the injected hair follicles are allowed to develop their roots with existing eyebrow hairs and naturally grow. The procedure may last for 3-4 hours, it is because of smaller eyebrow areas and a smaller number of grafts. Normally, eyebrow transplantation requires less than 300 grafts. The patient could continue their routine life activities without any certain notice period.      


Types/Techniques of Transplant 


Generally, eyebrow transplant is divided into two major categories. These are DHI transplant and FUE transplant with its derivatives (Micro FUE, Sapphire FUE, Soft FUE, Manual FUE, Hyper FUE, Gold FUE, and Permutant FUE. Each of the procedure has specific complications and benefits for the patients. 


FUE Eyebrow Transplant


Commonly surgeons recommend the FUE technique because of its variety of alternatives. This procedure allows a maximum number of grafts with successful transplantation. It is considered an excellent technique as compared to DHI transplants because of different options and satisfactory outcomes. An individual hair graft from the donor areas is extracted for this procedure and the required culture for transplantation is made. Individual graft extraction lowers the scarring probability and ensures patient comfort. The graft is placed at the desired location by making microchannel openings at accepter places. FUE technique also ensures swift recovery from the surgical process and delivers realistic results with eyebrow needs.  


DHI Eyebrow Transplant


GI process involves creating hair density in smaller areas and is useful for those who looking for partial or minimal transplant. In this procedure, surgeons use an implanter pen to open the channels and position the extracted graft. This procedure is renowned for its faster recovery time. Those who are looking for smaller quantities of hair grafts are not recommended to go with the DHI process because it could be time-consuming. Although DHI transplant is an easy method as compared to the classic FUE technique patients are required to consider graft needs while selecting a particular procedure.    


Eyebrow transplant a better option than microblading


Microblading is another surgical technique designed to facilitate natural eyebrow needs without anesthesia application. It has a shorter recovery time than any surgical procedure and is considered less invasive. Surgeons mostly recommend eyebrow micro transplant procedures because of their long-term and natural results. Eyebrow transplant is a permanent solution for the desired eyebrow needs of the patient but those who are allergic to anesthesia and cannot quit specific medication could go for a microblading procedure for their aesthetic needs.


In the microblading procedure, manual tools with multiple needles are used to create hair-like strokes at desired locations. There is no incision requirement and a recovery period for this procedure. Patients can achieve quick results with the microblading process. The problem with this procedure is that it requires repetition after a certain period. On average, microblading eyebrows last for 1 year which is why it is not recommended to every person. 


The microblading procedure is painful and does not allow the natural growth of eyebrows. People with thin or sparse eyebrows should always go with an eyebrow transplant for natural eyebrow growth. The outcomes with microblading or eyebrow transplant are dependent on skin type, pain tolerance, desired longevity, budget, lifestyle, and aftercare factors. Instead of going with a cheaper microblading procedure, patients should choose the transplant process to have comfortable treatment.  


Eligibility Criteria 


Eyebrows are the most expensive parts of the human face and require careful consideration before going for surgical interventions and transplant treatment. That is the reason, most people prefer cosmetic products to make their eyebrows more appealing and attractive for public attention. Not all cosmetic procedure works better for long-term retention of eyebrows but cosmetic surgeries do. People who had damaged their eyebrows during an accident, dermatological problem, trauma, and burning could receive eyebrow transplants for their aesthetic look. 


Moreover, the level of hair loss is also considered when choosing an eyebrow transplant in Turkey. Unlike hair transplants, almost all kinds of people can receive eyebrow transplants for their aesthetic look. Those who have damaged eyebrows due to any injury or traumatic effect are best-suited candidates for this surgery. The patient should have reasonably good health for having a successful eyebrow transplant in Turkey. The treatment is unsuitable for those health conditions that are most likely to develop health complications. 


Each cosmetic surgeon considers the sensitivity of eyebrows before proceeding with the surgical process and remains careful throughout the procedure. Your choice of cosmetic surgeon should be based on their expertise level and who truly stands for your outstanding eyebrow needs. Those who guarantee fuller eyebrow development results must be preferred for more appealing eyebrows. 


Eyebrow Transplant Recovery Period 


The average recovery time for an eyebrow transplant is relatively less than the hair transplant process. The patient feels scabbing within a few weeks of the surgical process. Patients are recommended to not pluck those scabs and allow them to grow naturally. With time, the scabs fall leaving healthy healed tissues for further growth. Patients are recommended to consult their relevant surgeon immediately as they experience bleeding, swallowing, or inflammation around the transplanted and donor areas.


Normally, the patient can start routine work within 48 hours of the treatment. Eyebrow transplants appear with smooth recovery which means patients experience transplanted hair shedding within 3 to 5 weeks of the surgery. After 2 months of the surgery, eyebrows start to grow and become fuller and natural as per the patient's desire within 4 to 6 months of the surgery. On the other hand, the normal recovery time for a hair transplant is 1-2 years. Thus, the patient does not need to wait longer for their aesthetic eyebrows after they visit Turkey.  


Advantages of Eyebrow Transplant


Eyebrow transplant in Turkey has become a popular procedure because of its contribution to improved facial expression, minimal discomfort, no scarring, and quick return to routine activities quickly as compared to other cosmetic procedures. Eyebrow transplant in Turkey is associated with natural-looking results with the use of single hair follicles. Turkish surgeons ensure meticulous placement of the hair graft that results in the blending of hair graft with existing hairs and improves the facial appearance of the patient. 


Eyebrow transplant is the permanent and natural solution as compared to all makeup, tattooing, and microblading techniques. The implanted hair follicles continue to grow and remain in applied areas until the patient's life. Patients could also receive custom eyebrow shapes and sizes that not only suit individual preferences and facial features but also tailored solutions for perfect appearance. 


Those who are looking for full and well-shaped eyebrows can receive eyebrow transplants in Turkey with a guaranteed youthful and balanced look. There are many other benefits associated with your choice of Turkey for surgical needs. The first one is adherence to cutting-edge technologies and up-to-date treatment. Almost every Turkish clinic is equipped with experienced medical and highly qualified paramedical staff who are committed to patient desires for an aesthetic look. 


Eyebrow transplant does not require long remote check-ins as the process is associated with short surgical interventions and quick recovery time. Aftercare recommendations and the commitment of the surgeons guarantee your mind peace for the desired outcomes. Moreover, cosmetic surgeons in Turkey offer Western standard treatment at 70% cheaper rates which results as the most attractive option for people's choice of cosmetic surgery in Turkey.  


Aftercare of Eyebrow Transplant 


Most of the Turkish clinics offer regular checkups during patient stay in the country. They prepare aftercare risk plans for patients to ensure quick and accurate healing of cosmetic procedures. Surgeons in Turkey believe in quality treatment and value patient desires while offering satisfactory treatment in the country. They also offer additional advice for their lifestyle and personal care that increases the retention time for surgical intervention. 


As mentioned earlier, a Turkey eyebrow transplant requires relatively less recovery time as compared to the hair transplant process, the patient does not require a long-term stay in the country. Patients can enjoy long-term results with additional advice and carefully following the recommended guidelines. The following recommendations are key for achieving quick results after an eyebrow transplant in Turkey.

  • Patients are recommended to have their heads elevated and sleep on their backs so that implanted hairs are fully recovered and do not touch the pillow.
  • They need to wear specific caps to avoid direct contact with sunlight at least for 10 days of the procedure. Ideally, patients are recommended to avoid sunlight contact for 2 months after the surgery. 
  • Those with smoking habits need to quit smoking before 10 days of the surgical procedure. Complete quitting smoking is key for long-term results but those who cannot quit need to restrict themselves from smoking at least 10 days after the surgery. 
  • Similarly, alcohol consumption should ideally be restricted for 10 days after the surgery as it is associated with thinning blood tissues and causing bleeding at surgical sites.
  • There should be no strenuous activity for at least 3 weeks after the surgery.
  • Professional and non-professional swimmers are restricted to swimming for at least 4 weeks of the treatment.   

Working on Eyebrow Transplant 


The working process of eyebrow transplant is alike a hair transplant. The surgeon takes hair follicles from the healthy scalp and implants them to the desired locations by making microchannels. These channels are opened in eyebrow areas and normally consist of single hairs. Normal operation time for this procedure is 4 hours and takes about 6 months to ensure fuller eyebrows. 


As grafted hair cultures are implanted in the desired location, they interact with existing hair roots and develop their own. Along with root follicle development, the grafted culture regulates its blood circulation process and ensures positive recovery. As follicles are properly rooted with existing hair roots, these appear as scabbing, and grafted hairs start shedding partially or fully. After days, new hairlines emerged from the roots and became fuller with no time. After completing the recovery time, patients may experience natural eyebrow growth with no shedding.


Cost of Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey


Like other surgical procedures in Turkey, eyebrow transplants also appear cheaper. The country offers reliable options for this surgical process. The pricing plan for this surgery is dependent on the total number of grafts the patient may require to achieve fuller eyebrows. On average, clinics charge 2,000 to 3500 Euros which is three to four times cheaper than eyebrow transplant in Turkey. Turkish surgeons use up-to-date cutting-edge technologies and advanced techniques like sapphire FUE and DHI methods to ensure realistic results. 


There are three specific treatment plans depending upon the equipment used, preferred outcomes, and specialty of the surgeon. The normal cost for eyebrow transplants in Turkey is 1080 Euros, those who are looking for special, perfect, or luxury services could pay extra for additional services. A complete set of services along with a cost plan in Turkey is listed below


Special Services and Cost

Perfect Services with Cost

Luxury Services with Cost

Percutaneous Blade

Sapphire Blade

Sapphire Blade


Graft Vaccination Unit

Graft Vaccination Unit

Clinical Transport * 4

Clinical Transport * 4

Clinical Transport * 4 VIP

Titanium Punch

Titanium Punch

Golden Punch

PRP Session 

PRP Session

PRP Session

Needle-free Local Anesthesia

Sedation IV

Sedation IV

Airport Transport * 2

Airport Transport * 2

Airport Transport * 2 VIP

2 Nights Stay in a Boutique

3 Nights Stay in a 4-star hotel

3 nights stay in a 5-star hotel

Medical Kit

Medical Kit

Medical Kit

1550 Euros

1770 Euros

2190 Euros


A guide to choose eyebrow transplant surgeon in Turkey 


Choosing the best eyebrow transplant clinic or surgical unit is not a tricky process. Both national and international patients could utilize online consultation channels to determine the best surgeons for eyebrow transplants in Turkey. Surgeons welcome their patients to leave previous reviews about surgical excellence they feel in the clinical unit and the results they have after the surgery. Those reviews play a crucial role in deciding the best surgeon for fuller eyebrows in Turkey. 


Turkish health ministry issues specific licenses and professional certificates to clinical surgeons. Those certificates are based on the surgical achievement and magnificent patient reviews for the clinic. Patients need to choose highly renowned surgeons for their eyebrow surgery needs and enjoy realistic results. Patients’ recommendation serves as a key for determining any complication they develop after the surgery and how their experts manage all those complications. 


After a thorough reviewing the digital profile of the surgeon, the patient is recommended to avail of online consultation opportunities and discuss their desired goals with the expert. During online consultation, they need to enquire about the documentation they need, translator requirements, stay in the country, and additional services they are looking for. All these contribute to deciding treatment plans for the experts and deciding all-inclusive cost packages for dental care. Patients cannot only restore the number of eyebrows with transplantation procedure but also achieve an on-point style that is suitable for patient desires. 


Reviews and Recommendation Rate for Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey 


Turkish expert achieves positive recommendations for all kinds of surgical interventions. In the areas of hair transplant and eyebrow transplant, international and national patients rated 4-5 stars for the extraordinary services of the expert. Many Turkish surgeons achieve a 98% success rate which results in a 95% recommendation rate from the patients. 


The international patient finds Turkish paramedical staff more competitive, committed, and vigilant to patient needs. They fully adhere to the desired outcomes of the patient because of cutting-edge technologies and high-quality treatment. They offer reliable and permanent solutions to all kinds of surgical needs. FUE transplantation technique in Turkey gets international recommendation because of real results. 


You can achieve your lost locked eyebrows after successfully selecting experienced surgeons in Turkey. Each of the experts set a high degree of proficiency with their paramedical staff, translation services, online consultation, and other additional services in the country. They strive to provide natural results and prioritize patient safety before, during, and after the surgical treatment. Not only with eyebrows, but Turkish experts also facilitate you with high-standard eyelash services. 




To sum up the entire discussion, you will have an amazing time in Turkey for your aesthetic and beautiful eyebrow needs. The best surgical experts in Turkey ensure realistic outcomes. They remained available 24/7 hours with a complete medical treatment pack, accommodation services, translation, and other related services. 


Turkish experts ensure the possibility of achieving more than one surgical intervention at a time depending upon scalp health, lifestyle, and desired outcomes of the patients. Both male and female patients with their aesthetic, fuller, and natural eyebrows feasibly achieve desired goals with Turkish experts. 


Through research and pre-medical situations, understanding is key to availing the best transplantation services in Turkey. The procedure for eyebrow improvement takes relatively less time and appears 50-70% cheaper just because of experience and advanced medical equipment in Turkey.