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Eyelid Surgery in Turkey: A Turkish Touch for Timeless Beauty

Human eyes are the first thing that someone sees during their first interaction with others. According to research, most men and women think that the human eye is more important than any other facial features of the human body. Eyelids make human eyes deemed attractive, and that is why many artists, celebrities, and models plan for eyelid surgery to be perceived as more attractive. Eyelid surgery also known as blepharoplasty leads to a youthful and healthy outlook around the eyes.

Turkey has become a stunning landscape for aesthetic beauty and transformative cosmetic surgeries for people around the world. Among other large number of therapies, Blepharoplasty shines as a most popular choice for models, celebrities, and artists of the global world. This article offers insight into Turkish endless beauty including its cost, reviews, and surgeons to those who are looking for a more attractive and youthful look in their lives.

A detailed overview of Eyelid Surgery:

It is a type of cosmetic surgery that deals with correcting eyelid defects and enhancing the upper or lower appearance of the patients. It is also named Eyelid lift surgery, blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery in which surgeons treat sagging skin, puffiness, or bags under the eyes. Blepharoplasty in Turkey may take one to three hours to deliver an aesthetic look to the patients. This procedure is performed under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Surgeons made incisions at noticeable scar areas to remove the fats, excess skin, or sutures.

A patient who is eligible for eyelid surgery:

Eyelid surgery is applicable for patients who have aged skin around their eyes, occasionally blocked upper eyelids, or have drooping eyelids. Asian patients chose eyelid surgery in Turkey to create a larger appearance of their eyes. Individuals who looking for blepharoplasty must be non-smokers or have never been subjected to any serious eye condition. Expert consultation and thorough examination of previous medical history are key for successful eyelid surgery in Turkey. After a facial examination, surgeons suggest a holistic procedure that is appropriate to the patient skin.

Cost of Eyelids Surgery in Turkey:

Eyelids surgery package may vary with the expertise of surgeons, the type of procedure the patient wants, and the health condition of the patient. Besides all that, Turkish eyelid surgeons offer cost-friendly treatment to patients as compared to eyelid surgery in the US, Europe, and other Western countries. Patients may have to spend around $1600 for their upper eyelid surgery and $1700 for their lower eyelid surgery. In case of collective treatment, surgeons may charge $2000 including anesthesia application and other necessities of the treatment. While in the US, the patient may have to pay $4100 for a complete blepharoplasty which is double to eyelid surgery cost in Turkey.

Within a $1600-$2000 budget, Turkish eyelid surgery clinics offer rehabilitation services, anesthesia implications, hospital costs, operating room charges, and consultation charges. Patients must discuss their medical condition, substance use habits, blood-thickening supplements, or any other health complications that may restrict the treatment or cause any side effects. Patients need to follow a certain course of treatment while completing the surgical procedure and achieving an aesthetic look.

Things Patients Must Know Before and After Surgery:

Patients who are looking for eyelid surgery in Turkey must be familiar with pre-operative and post-operative care for the patients. In pre-operative measures, people must have

·      Thorough examination of their medical condition

·      Never addicted to long-chain or short-chain smoking and nicotine usage

·      Have stopped intake of any herbal supplements, anti-inflammatory drugs, and aspirin.

·      Following the surgeon's suggestion and taking the necessary medications to ensure the success of surgery.

After eyelid surgery, surgeons may cover the eye with gauze or any thin bandage that is placed over incisions. The surgical treatment may take 3 hours but stitches might be removed after seven days of surgery. Patients might be instructed for specific care or medications for treated surgical areas. Patients need to be careful for sunlight exposure or any abrasive motion during the surgery.

Thus, Blepharoplasty in Turkey could be a pathway towards endless beauty and the most attractive youthful look for the patients. Highly experienced surgeons in Turkey offer artistry aesthetic treatment that not only enhances the natural beauty of patients but also boosts their confidence, Upper eyelid elevation or lower eyelids improvement could restore a youthful look at any age. All of those who are unhappy or less confident with their existing eyelids must visit Turkish Eyelids Surgeons to achieve aesthetic goals. Mayclinic experts along with their personalized care plan could be an effective treatment for achieving a youthful look for patients.