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Mommy Makeover in Turkey: A Guide to Transforming Motherhood


There is no doubt that the motherhood journey is filled with moments of unconditional love and endless joy. Women experienced notable physical changes during that period because they had to consume a specific diet to nourish their kids. It has been a great challenge for a woman to regain their pre-pregnancy body after giving birth to one or more kids. Some of them change their dietary habits or participate in different exercises to achieve their goals but the process might not work for everyone. The emergence of mommy makeover surgery is an extraordinary gift for women that assists them in achieving their physical health goals. 


Mummy makeovers in Turkey are tailored to individual needs, make you feel comfortable, restore your pre-pregnancy body shape, and rejuvenate your confidence. This detailed guideline reveals secrets related to mummy makeovers in Turkey including recovery time, procedure complications, surgery types, cost, and many more.


Mommy Makeover Overview


It is a term coined for a combination of the latest cosmetic procedures designed to address post-pregnancy body changes. Although some mothers change their dietary plan and practice different exercises to regain their pre-pregnancy physique it could be a challenging journey for most of them. Many factors like fat accumulation, frequent hormonal changes, and skin stretching may restrict women from gaining their pre-pregnancy physique.  

So, mommy makeover procedures may meet women's needs and boost their self-esteem, restore physical appearance, and enhance overall well-being. 


Areas Where Mommy Makeover Surgical Procedure May Implemented


  • Breast:

After pregnancy, the most frequent change in their bodies is a change in their breast size and shape. It is due to breastfeeding that may cause skin stretching or loss of breast shape. While accommodating newly born babies, women's breasts may gain excess skin, lose volume, or sag more than post-pregnancy. Mommy makeover surgical procedures like breast augmentation, reduction of excess skin, or breast lift, can restore your youthful appearance.

  • Abdomen:

During pregnancy, a woman's abdomen undergoes the most significant changes that may also cause stretching of the skin. It may also cause loose or stretch marks on the abdomen. Mommy makeover procedures like abdominoplasty or tummy tuck may contribute to the relief of this problem. 

  • Labia and Vagina:

Vaginal birth may lead to several changes in the labia and vagina of women that affect their comfort and self-confidence. Advanced procedures like labiaplasty and vaginoplasty are introduced in the mommy makeover process that ensures restoring pre-pregnancy shapes and sizes. 

  • Thighs: 

Women gain weight during pregnancy time because of alternations in their dietary routine and vitamin consumption that often result in an accumulation of fatty deposits around the things. Surgical procedures like thigh lifts or liposuction can assist in achieving well-contoured things and make them slimmer like pre-birth.

  • Buttocks: 

Weight fluctuations and hormonal changes after birth may cause sagging buttocks among women. Mommy makeover's advanced procedures like Brazilin butt lift could deal with the firmness of the buttocks and restore their volume. 


Reasons for Having Mommy Makeover Surgery in Turkey


The ultimate cause of having mommy makeover surgery is regaining pre-pregnancy body shape and boosting the self-confidence of women. While mommy makeover in Turkey includes a comprehensive plan that surely meets the financial needs of women and could be an effective solution for their physique. After having surgery in Turkey, women can achieve 

  • Tighter and flatter abdomen
  • Improved body symmetry and contour
  • Uplifted and firmer breasts
  • Enhanced shape and volume of buttock 
  • Reduction in cellulite and stretched body marks
  • Rejuvenated labial and vaginal areas 

The second probable reason for choosing Mommy Makeover in Turkey is its state-of-the-art medical facilities and highly skilled surgeons. Women can receive favorable changes in their physique. Turkish surgeons make no compromise for quality of care and offer Western standard surgeries at affordable prices. A normal range of this surgery lies between $5000 to $15000. The price range may vary from surgery to surgery, surgeon’s expertise, and areas where surgical procedure needs to be implemented.


Recovery Time


Mommy makeovers in Turkey may take two weeks to return women to non-strenuous work. Complete recovery after the procedure may also take six weeks or more. The recovery time also varies from procedure to procedure and also on the structural features of the patient body.


Mommy Makeover in Turkey Benefits and Risks


Advanced surgical processes in Turkey like Mommy Makeover can not only work for improving women's physique but are also associated with enhanced comfort level and attractive youthful appearance. It can make women more slimmer which increases their self-esteem and confidence comfort. Women can achieve a more customized set of results with cost-effective mommy makeover treatment in Turkey.


Like other surgical processes, mommy makeover procedures also have certain risks and complications. During surgical procedures, surgeons may imply anesthesia that might be reactive for some women. There is the probability of accumulation of blood or other fluid under the skin that may increase post-surgery complications. 


List of Best Surgeons for Mommy Makeover in Turkey


To have a successful mommy makeover in Turkey, it is necessary to be familiar with skilled and experienced surgeons to boost motherhood transformation. This article has shorted a few highly skilled mommy makeover surgeons in Turkey who can ensure successful body transformation needs for you. 




Dr Cemil Isik


Dr Sibel Atalay


Dr Asli Can


Dr Mehmet Emin


Dr Muzaffer Kurt


Dr Fatih Uygur


Dr Mehmet Bayramicli





Turkish standard mommy makeover procedure could have a long-lasting impact on your motherhood experience and maintaining physique. Women who are worried about their physical appearance after motherhood must visit Turkey for more satisfactory results. Careful consideration needs to be made while selecting a mommy makeover surgeon in Turkey because it may reduce the risks and deliver more satisfactory results.