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    Istanbul Medikal Termal - Açıklama

It is the first and only example in Turkey of the "Reha-Clinic" facilities in Europe, especially Germany, and it is the modern face of "Tuzla Drinking and Hot Springs," whose sole purpose has been to heal people for more than 700 years. Our facility is also the modern face of "Tuzla Drinking and Hot Springs." In addition to neurological, orthopedic, spinal, pediatric, and hand rehabilitation applications, treatment and rehabilitation of paraplegia (spinal cord paralysis), hemiplegia (stroke/paralysis), psoriasis, and rheumatic disorders are also accomplished inside the body of Istanbul Medikal Termal. Robotic Rehabilitation, Electrotherapy, Manual Therapy, Peloidotherapy, Spa and Drinking Cures, and Complementary Therapies are some of the aspects of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation that are included. These aspects are especially important when it comes to "Hydrotherapy and In-Water Traction Applications" made with Thermo mineral water. In our facility, which has been registered as a 4-star by the Ministry of Tourism, in addition to the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation department, "Hotel Rooms" designed with high standards, and two separate "Thermal Spa & Wellness," which also includes traditional spa applications, are fully equipped and used separately for men and women. In addition, "Hotel Rooms" are designed with high standards. In addition, there is a restaurant of the 1st Class category that features individualized preparation and service of set meals drawn from the cuisines of the world or selected by our dietician. It is located 15 minutes from Sabiha Gokcen (SAW) Airport and 55 minutes from Istanbul (IST) Airport. Our facility, which is also very advantageous in terms of location; 1 minute to Istanbul Marmaray / Metro cmeler stop; 3 minutes to E-5 highway; 10 minutes to Pendik IDO Ferry Port; It is located 1 minute to Istanbul Marmaray / Metro cmeler stop; 1 minute to E-5 highway; 1 minute to Pendik IDO Ferry Port As a consequence of this, our establishment, which has many of the benefits listed above, is prepared to provide your patients the most effective treatment and services.

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