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Ophthalmology clinics in Turkey


Ophthalmology is a branch of clinical and surgical medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, and clinical or surgical treatment of partial or complete vision loss, eye diseases, and injuries. The technicalities involved in this branch of medicine make it a specialty of few and Ophthalmology clinics in Turkey seem to have a large share of these available few.

Turkey has the best Ophthalmologist with years of valuable experience and surgical skills. This country has successfully made its capital Instabul a home for the best eye physicians in the world. With their world-class Ophthalmology clinics, the specialists have all that they need to correct any kind of vision impairments. Whether it's an eyeball, conjunctiva, Eyepit, or lacrimal organs disease, the physicians here knows the best way out.

For such a high quality, anyone would expect Turkey to be a place with expensive medical tourism. But fortunately, the reverse is the case here. The clinics in Turkey are affordable compared to what you will get in European and American countries. The cost and quality are one of the major reasons why people visit this part of the world for medical tourism in thousands weekly.

How do Ophthalmologists in Turkey make diagnoses?

In every Ophthalmology clinic in Turkey, there is always a team of Ophthalmologists with different specialists. After booking an appointment, you will be assigned to a team that will study your medical history and makes a proper diagnosis without leaving anything out. Using both physical and computer vision diagnostics, the ophthalmologists in Turkey find it very easy to make a proper diagnosis.

The following are some of the eye tests carried out by Ophthalmologist in Turkey to determine different types of visual impairments;

«  Photokeratoscopy or corneal topography

«  Autorefractometry and keratometry

«  Gonioscopy, biomicroscopy, and direct and reverse ophthalmoscopy

«  Pachymetry, and ultrasound biometry

Ophthalmology Care in Turkey

To treat eye defects or diseases in Turkey, ophthalmologists consider surgical procedures as the last resort. The team of ophthalmologists will consider the use of safer and more effective treatment methods such as drug therapy and physiotherapy. This clearly shows the team that will be providing you with eye care in Turkey will put everything into consideration before recommending a treatment method.

If what you will be needing eventually is eye surgery, you can be sure of getting the best. The ophthalmologists in Turkey are well experienced and trained in performing surgical operations such as laser vision correction, glaucoma surgery, lens replacement surgery, laser vision correction, keratoplasty, cataract extraction, and photorefractive keratectomy, etc.

Why Choose Ophthalmology clinics in Turkey

There are several reasons why you should consider choosing Ophthalmology clinics in Turkey, Aside from being an affordable country to get quality medical care, this country has other important things to offer.  The following will you a clear picture of why you should choose the clinics in Turkey

«  The health sector in Turkey is closely monitored by the government to ensure the quality provided by the private clinics. With this, you can be sure you will be getting the best even if you choose to get the care you need from a private clinic

«  Getting the best requires a team of Ophthalmologists to conduct a proper diagnosis. The Ophthalmology clinics in Turkey have teams that will attend to you and make a proper diagnosis. This proper diagnosis will make it easy to get the best treatment that will revive the health of your eyes.

«  Lastly, visiting Turkey for medical tourism will allow you to explore the beautiful city and get to experience the love and happy smiles on the faces of the locals. Getting good health care shouldn't be boring, a trip to Turkey will give you the best of life and make you enjoy every moment here.