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Hair Transplantation Clinics in Turkey



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Hair Transplantation Clinics in Turkey


Hair Transplantation is an outpatient surgical hair redistribution process that involves the transplant of hair from the scalp of a donor to the scalp of a recipient. This hair loss treatment is a permanent solution to baldness, but it requires a high level of expertise to get the best. The search for this kind of expertise has made hair Transplantation clinics in Turkey the preferred choice for thousands of people looking to boost their hair growth and restore their receding hairline.

The cost-effective and efficient treatments of Hair loss have earned Turkey a worldwide reputation for being the best when it comes to hair transplants. The country owes this to the quality standards provided by its national surgeons and other medical personnel in Hair transplant clinics across the country. With over 500 hair clinics in Istanbul the capital of Turkey and thousands of others in different parts of the country, you are going to find a perfect match for your hair treatment.

Statistically, there is no place better than hair Transplantation clinics in Turkey. The Foreign Relations Board estimated the Turkish hair transplant industry to be worth one billion dollars and the Middle Tourism and Travel Agency Association recently reported that clinics in Turkey carry out about 200 to 500 hair transplants weekly. Growth at this rate clearly shows that Turkey is getting it right when it comes to Hair Transplantation.

The Cost of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

The cost of getting a hair transplant depends on a lot of factors such as the degree of hair loss, the desired treatment, and the transplant package. Irrespective of all these factors, hair Transplantation is still cost-effective in Turkey.

The medical tourism industry is highly subsidized by the Turkish government to encourage foreign visits and the competitive nature of the industry makes it affordable for many. With this, you won't have to rob a bank to revive your hair.

Advanced Hair Treatment Techniques Used In Turkey

Hair Transplantation clinics in Turkey use modern and advanced hair restoration methods. The use of these techniques has greatly contributed to their success and ability to provide quality hair treatment services. The following are some of the techniques used by hair surgeons in Turkey Transplantation clinics:

·         FUE hair transplant method

·         Sapphire hair transplant

·         DHI hair transplant

Hair Transplantation Recovery and Aftercare Process in Turkey

Being a minimally invasive surgical procedure with little to no risk of complications, the recovery process after a hair transplant is usually very short and not challenging. All the soreness and pain that you might feel after the surgical procedure will be gone within 24 to 48 hours. If you have swellings or redness of scalps, you might have to wait for 15 days for them to disappear.

The hair transplant surgeons in Turkey usually provide medical after-care if there is a need for it. But there is a high percentage that you won't be needing these services because the surgeons here are perfect at what they do.

Why Choose hair Transplantation clinics in Turkey

If you are still contemplating whether or not to visit Turkey for a hair transplant, you don't need to. The clinics here provide the best hair treatment and transplant in the world at an affordable price. Whether you need a hair transplant, flap surgery, tissue expansion, or scalp reduction, the surgeons in Turkey are going to provide all that you need to achieve what you want.

Without causing any further damage to your hair, you are going to get what you want and get to enjoy a new lustrous hair with no flaws. If you want the best, don't think twice about going for medical tourism in Turkey.