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Many patients desire to have dental treatments that will help revive their smile, but most people often have difficulties in terms of cost and finding an NHS dentist before the treatment. And for the alternative private dental care, the cost that can be incurred from this is usually beyond the dental care budgets of many UK and EU citizens.

However, dental care in Turkey provides a cost and timing advantage that can be considered a better and more economic dental care alternative. The availability of expertise and facilities that aims to provide quality and affordable dental treatments has made dentistry clinics in Turkey the new central focus.

Dentists in Turkey believe that a tooth is worth more than a 10 oz golden bar. Therefore, you are likely to get free consultations in many dentistry clinics here and get to have basic dental treatments such as filling and root canal treatments, implant treatments, porcelain veneers, smile design, etc at affordable prices.


The daily increase in the numbers of internationals coming from leading countries of Europe, the United States of America, the Arabian Peninsula, Germany, and other countries points to the fact that dentists in Turkey are getting it right.

The following are some of the reasons why Turkey is the new stop for people looking to improve the quality of their smile

1. Affordable Dental Treatment

 The latest reports from Eurostat’s research clearly show that 3.7% (513 million) of people in European Union countries can't afford dental healthcare in their countries. Turkey is a country with a dental healthcare system that is free from medical insurance cover, people find it easier to pay for their dental treatments in Turkey compared to their home countries.

2. Well-equipped dental clinics with the best dental procedures

 The dentistry clinics in Turkey have accredited clinics with the latest technology and are closely monitored by the Ministry of Health to continually improve the quality of the care given. This puts the dentist here in the best position to carry out teeth whitening, aesthetic tooth filling, implant, laminate veneer, and zirconium without faults.

Perfection is a way of life in Turkey and this has heavily influenced their health care. With the utilization of the latest trends in dental technology, the clinics in Turkey use the best and the safest dentistry procedures. Some of the cutting-edge dental technologies are named below.

·       Digital X-Rays and Cone beam imaging

·       Air Abrasion

·       Dental Lasers

·       Advanced pain-free procedures

·       Computer-Assisted Design

3. Best Cosmetic Dentist Turkey

 Another major reason why clinics in Turkey are attracting people in their numbers is due to the presence of highly trained and professional dentists with years of experience. As an international patient, you will get to meet with dentists that are specialists in what you intend to fix to improve the quality of your smile

4. Best Dental Treatment

Whether it's cosmetics dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics, or oral and maxillofacial surgery, the clinics here have the best procedures to give you exactly what you want. With the latest technology, you can be sure of getting the best from them. With them, it's not a matter of how you want to revive your smile.

5. Take a tour while you get that bright smile

In Turkey, your dental treatment comes with an Antalya tour and visits to breathtaking sites in the Country. This means you get to have the opportunity to explore a whole new world while you revive your smile. If you have always wanted a holiday, now is the time to take the chance and live the dream.