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    Silivri Kolan Hospital - Description

Our facility, which joined the Kolan Hospital Group as Silivri Kolan Hospital in 2008, has been providing uninterrupted service since April to our valued patients coming not only from Silivri but also from the surrounding districts and cities, and even from all corners of our country.

Our hospital, closely following technology, has updated its medical equipment and made architectural arrangements to bring the operating room, intensive care unit, laboratory, emergency unit, and patient rooms in line with modern standards.

Physically, our hospital, with a total capacity of 51 beds, including 9 for adults, 9 for newborns, and 1 coronary care, along with 19 intensive care beds, hosts patients from an expanding geography every day.

Offering a wide range of services from cancer surgery to various surgical branches, our hospital utilizes the latest technological innovations in surgeries. However, it is important to note that we do not perform heart surgeries as we do not have a unit dedicated to cardiovascular surgery.

Adhering strictly to quality standards and adopting a patient-centered approach, our hospital is taking confident steps towards becoming a reference healthcare institution in the region. Throughout this process, our primary commitment is to provide reliable and high-quality healthcare to our valued patients, while maintaining strict adherence to ethical principles.


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