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    Memorial Wellness - Description

Wellness Services

  1. Endocrinology and Metabolism:

    • Endocrinology is a branch of science that deals with diseases of the endocrine glands.
    • Metabolism encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of issues related to vital functions such as hormones, growth, and sexuality.
  2. Psychology:

    • Memorial Wellness Psychology Department provides services in psychotherapy, marriage therapy, sexual therapy, and personal development with modern methods.
    • Psychotherapy involves helping the individual resolve emotional conflicts, aiming to eliminate issues like anxiety, fear, and tension.
    • Marriage therapy aims to change the interaction between couples.
    • Sexual therapy targets resolving cognitive, emotional, and behavioral issues related to sexuality.
  3. Manual Medicine:

    • Manual therapy is the manual treatment of pain and functional disorders in the spine and extremity joints by specially trained doctors.
    • Special services such as neural therapy, prolotherapy, and intra-articular PRP application are offered in the department.
  4. Nutrition Counseling:

    • The Nutrition Counseling Department offers unique nutrition education after evaluating individuals' body and nutrition behaviors.
    • It provides counseling on issues such as insufficient nutrient intake, healthy nutrition programs, and planning for optimal weight.
  5. Dermatology:

    • The Dermatology Department offers various aesthetic practices such as stem cell treatment, skincare, botox, and fillers.
    • Modern treatment options, including fractional laser for pigmentation and acne scar treatment, and the gold needle radiofrequency method, are available.
  6. Medical Fitness Counseling:

    • The Medical Fitness Counseling Department aims to improve the quality of life by creating personalized exercise programs.
    • It offers special programs such as medical pilates rehabilitation, body strengthening, and posture analysis.

These departments provide a wide range of services in the fields of health, aesthetics, and quality of life.


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