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    Kıbrıs Kolan British Hospital - Description

Our healthcare institution, operating in KKTC Lefkoşa Gönyeli, is built on a 3,000 square meter land, designed as a multi-purpose hospital meeting world standards in terms of its appearance, location, infrastructure, and technology used. As Kolan British Hospital, our fundamental principle is to continuously follow evolving technology, embrace medical technologies that advance diagnosis and treatment methods, and provide our patients with high-level and safe healthcare services.

With a patient-centered approach, our hospital, equipped with a team of expert physicians, experienced healthcare staff, and modern medical technologies, also operates with a service mentality that prioritizes patient comfort. Spread across 8,000 square meters of enclosed space, our hospital includes 35 single-patient rooms, 3 operating rooms, and internal, surgical, coronary, and cardiovascular surgery intensive care units with a total capacity of 56 beds, along with a neonatal intensive care unit. We are committed to offering privileged healthcare services to individuals while prioritizing patient satisfaction and overall well-being.

In our hospital, which adopts an academic approach to achieve successful clinical outcomes, our competent staff and modern medical equipment set us apart in all medical specialties. Additionally, we take pride in providing comprehensive healthcare services to our patients through agreements with all insurance companies.


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