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The most specialized and high-quality medical treatment available is stem cell therapy, which is provided by the Vitality medical & research center, which is a component of the ADONIS Medical Group of Companies. In Kyiv (Ukraine), one of the oldest and most picturesque cities in Eastern Europe, you'll find both our clinics and our research facilities. Kyiv is situated in Ukraine. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has granted the Vitality medical & research center accreditation, and the facility also has a license to operate a cord blood and cells bank. We have state-of-the-art laboratory equipment that is both licensed and accredited, and it was manufactured by some of the most reputable businesses in the United States and Europe. The medical professionals that work here at our clinic are all participants and members of the International Society for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine (TERMIS). We maintain very high quality and safety standards at the Vitality medical & research center, where we offer stem cell therapy for a broad range of disorders. Because of this, we employ only the Mesenchymal Stem Cells that we have created in our own laboratory. Why do customers decide to work with us? Our medical professionals customize the dosage and kind of stem cell material for each individual patient based on their specific needs. Every one of our patients receives a Certificate of Analysis of the stem cell material that they get from us, which verifies the material's quality, purity, safety, and dose. It is also feasible to employ material from donors in addition to the patient's own tissue. Our team of biotechnologists is recognized as one of the most experienced and forward-thinking groups in all of Ukraine. We have more than twenty years of combined scientific expertise working in this area. Your stay with us will be as pleasant as possible thanks to our efforts. Every patient is assigned a personal coordinator who remains in contact with them around the clock and offers all of the required informational assistance and translation services. Indications for stem cell treatment that our team is dealing with include the following: Anti-aging & Beauty Ophthalmology Orthopedics Urology & Gynecology Endocrinology Neurology Dentistry

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Regenerative Medicine
Regenerative Medicine 9 Services

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy, also known as regenerative medicine, promotes the repair response of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissue using stem cells or their derivatives. It is the next chapter in organ transplantation and uses cells instead of donor organs, which are limited in supply.

Stem Cell Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

Stem cell therapy is a unique approach to treating Alzheimer's Disease. It involves the systemic introduction of Mesenchymal Stem Cells into the body via IV. When introduced in large quantities, these stem cells can find inflammation within the body and repair it.

Stem Cell Treatment for Hip Joint

A stem cell hip treatment allows a physician to withdraw a patient's autologous stem cells from his or her bone marrow, typically from the iliac pelvic bone. The “pluripotent” stem cells are then combined with platelets and white blood cells and re-injected directly into the injured hip tissue to accelerate healing.

Stem Cell Treatment for Joint Pain

Stem cell therapy involves taking healthy stem cells, either your own or those from a donor, and injecting them directly into the afflicted area. The stem cells then regenerate, adapting to the specific need for which they are intended. The cells regrow healthy tissue or bone to allow your joints to heal.

Stem Cell Treatment for Knee Joint

In theory, stem cell therapy uses the body's own healing mechanisms to help repair and slow the deterioration of body tissues, such as cartilage. Stem cell therapy for knees aims to: slow and repair damaged cartilage. decrease inflammation and reduce pain.

Stem Cell Treatment for Orthopedic Conditions

Stem cell therapy has successfully used for major orthopedic procedures in terms of bone-joint injuries (fractures-bone defects, nonunion, and spinal injuries), osteoarthritis-cartilage defects, ligament-tendon injuries, femoral head osteonecrosis and osteogenesis imperfecta.

Stem Cell Treatment for Shoulder Joint

Stem cell therapy is one option to treat shoulder bursitis. The bone marrow stem cells used in the treatment cant turn into joint tissues, which helps repair the damaged and pinched nerves due to bursitis. Stem cell therapy for shoulder joints can also reduce inflammation and minimize pain.

Stem Cell Treatment in Orthopedics

Stems cell therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that is being used in orthopedic and sports medicine. The procedure involves using a patient's own stem cells, which have the unique property of being able to develop into many different cell types, to treat sports injuries and arthritis.

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cells are the body's raw materials — cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated. Under the right conditions in the body or a laboratory, stem cells divide to form more cells called daughter cells.

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